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Introduction: Cycling Trouser Clips

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While cycling wearing trousers there is always the potential hazard of getting the bottoms stuck in the drive gear and chain assembly.

Protect yourself with a pair of 'Cycling Trouser Clips'!

A very simple pair of 'Trouser Clips' can be fashioned from plastic pipe fittings.

What you need:

1. 3 inch (750mm) diameter pipe fitting

2. Hacksaw

3. File

Step 1: Marking and Cutting

Mark of an approximately 1/2 inch (12.5 mm) wide strip at the end of the pipe fitting.

I marked out an approximately 3/32 inch (10.0 mm) wide strip initially but felt that it would be too narrow.

Fix the pipe fitting and cut out the marked circular strip with a hacksaw.

Step 2: Deburr

Deburr the cut edge of the circular strip to get a smooth finish.

Step 3: Split and Round-off

Split the circular strip and round-off the split edges.

Step 4: Make Another to Get a Pair

A pair of trouser clips.

Keep them handy!



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    personally I use a velcrow strip stitched onto a nylon band. its really quite simple. though I need to make new ones soon because I already lost 3. they are great for multi purpose.

    very nice. I noticed you used a 90 deg elbow, which has a diameter bigger than 3 inch and probably works better than a 3 in pipe.

    1 reply

    Good observation! Yes, the pipe-fittings ends have a 3in ID as compared to a 3in OD of the pipes. Additionally the ends are slightly thicker which provides a greater spring-action.

    That is a great simple approach, really like this alternative ... much more comfortable than the metal clips that I bought a few years ago ... need to see if there is a good reflective paint that would survive on PVC to add to the visibility ...

    1 reply

    Yes visibility would enhance the utility! 3M reflective tape could be a solution.

    Thank you all for your kind comments!

    This is brilliant, sir!

    This is the exact method I use to make little clamps for wood working projects - PVC pipe is ace!

    Nice solution. I usually keep several rubber bands on my bike that I can use for this purpose. Yours is a much more durable option though . I break the rubber bands all the time.

    Now that is a really nice project. I've always used the Velcro type, but I think I'll make a few of these. Thanks for the idea and the nicely noted instructable.

    I used to use these when I would ride my bike a lot. But I ended up only needing one for the leg that's on the side with the chain. Nice instructable!