Cyclist Belt





Introduction: Cyclist Belt

When riding a bike, visibility means safety.

This belt is easy and cheap to make, it improves the visibility of cyclists, especially useful for bike commuters who appreciate handy and lightweight accessories, you can carry it as a regular belt when not using the bike.

The belt is convenient as you can choose from a variety of reversible belts out there and it can be seen even with a large backpack (see images below).

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials used:

3M reflective vinyl

Reversible belt

Tools used:


Utility knife


Cutting mat

Hole punch

Step 2: Copying Belt Silhouette

Copy the belt outline in the back of the vinyl. Don´t forget to include the holes.

Step 3: Cutting

Use the scissors and the utility knife to cut according to the path.

Step 4: Making the Holes

I made the holes with a regular hole punch to save time.

Step 5: Pasting/Sewing

For this first prototype, I used a 3M reflective vinyl as it was easier to apply, sewed reflective fabric could be used too.

Step 6: Ride Safely

You’re all set, now you just flip it whenever you need.

Step 7: Photos



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    Nice and simple idea. Thanks for sharing.

    Nice job with the idea of making the belt convertible so you don't need to store it away when you're off the bike. :)

    These work well, we have a couple for when we're riding around in the winter and it gets dark early.