Step 15: U Turn

This path is mainly a path with a small slope and curved flexible rods.
the length is in grey rods while the hight goes in blue/green rods. This is propably not a good combination if sizes are based on blue rods (horizontal/vertically). However, This should work on red rods aswell. Make sure the ball can get enough speed to overcome the resistance the yellow connectors give. Or build it solely out of the yellow (or orange) connectors.

The last image shows how one U turn goes and has the flexible rods for the next turn connected at one end. The process just repeats itself in both directions.

This u turn is used to create a zig-zagging path. But it can be used as a single element aswell.
nice elements :)
Thanks. It's been a while though, so be sure to check out people like sorunome.
I have checked out loads of k'nex ibles and iblers xD could you check out my first ball machine please?
I don't need capitals to read&nbsp;that.<br /> <br /> There is a link to youtube in the intro (this page), and the same video is posted on instructables too (just see my profile).<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;don't have a video or clip where the camera is standing away from the ball machine and multiple balls running trough, but the machine is already taken down.
He was &quot;Stoned&quot; when he said that.
He already did! Look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQvJlEohO48
That is the coolest thing I have ever seen that has been made of knex
cool ideas!
nice guide, I especially like the moving stairs<br />
not a bad idea but not really effective though<br />
&nbsp;Sure looks... BIG

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