This is a single PCB about 1" square large with a miniature switch, LED, cell phone vibrator motor, 3V battery and four 22 gauge wire legs. When turned on, it does an excited wheeling dance. It's a simple project, but the act of assembling something that makes noise, moves and has a light that seems to thrill both adults and kids alike.

Step 1: Required Tools

Required tools and parts:

Soldering iron and solder
Wire strippers

The Cyclops Walkbot Kit Includes:

3V 165mAh CR-2325 Battery
SPDT Mini Slide Switch
CR-2325 Battery Holder
Printed Circuit Board
T1-3/4 Red LED
22AWG Hook-up Wire
3V DC Vibrating Motor
680Ω Resistor 3/4 Watt 5%

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