Cyclops Scary You



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Introduction: Cyclops Scary You

We will use adobe photoshop cs2 for you Cyclops

Step 1: First Use the Tool to Clone Clonestamp Skin to Cover One Eye

Step 2: Now Realing Tool to Copy the Left Eye to the Center of the Face

Step 3: Again Clonestamp

again clonestamp  tool to clone skin to cover the other eye and eyebrow clone also to transform mono Eyelash and then ctrl + l to levels tool to darken the image slightly to a sinister tone to finish.



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    Thank you, really could work for a few finishing touches that would not get any marks where the eyes were original, but I thought it would be too big in detail why I chose to do simple and objective, for any people. But I liked the idea and soon I will make a more realistic, thanks same

    Need to work on it a little bit more i thought he had sunglasses on at first but 5 stars on effort!

    Yes, you need only use the liquify tool and use option magnifying glass in the eye so that it is as big as you need

    creepy! could you make the eye bigger if you wanted?