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This is Usb nod of tron motorcycle....hope everyone likes it....
PS:I made this in hurry so i couldn't show  the internals......:)


asharma9 (author)2011-11-02

@thealeks: Its fully functional nd waterproof....did it with 2 tube epoxy ......:)

asharma9 (author)2011-11-02

@drats666:Yep the moto came with pepsodent toothpaste...:)

drats666 (author)2011-07-21

looks like the tron motorcycle they have for purchase, and this isn't an instructable it has no steps, no construction. this is just a display >.<

thealeks (author)drats6662011-08-20

its a showcase. it doesnt claim to be an instructable. its modded to have a usb flash drive in it.

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