Picture of Cylon Teddy Bear (Mark I)
There are few gifts as synonymous with Valentine's Day as the stuffed bear (often bearing chocolates). I decided to come up with something a bit different this valentine's day and after having made an LED heart last year I decided to try to create a Cylon Teddy bear complete with catch phrase ("By your command.") and glowing red LED eye scanner.

Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List
a) Teddy Bear - The most important thing to keep in mind is that your bear should be big enough that the LED's fit reasonably well in it's head. I bought one bear online and it turned out to be too small for this version of the LEDs

b) Scanning LEDs - There are several online kits available with the necessary LEDs, resistors, etc... to make your own scanning LED array. I used the one from Thinkgeek, but I also picked up a smaller version that I may use in teddy bear Mark II.

c) Blaster Gun - Not a big deal, but once I had a bear I was able to pick out a gun that looked about the right size for him. Cylons are often shown with blasters so I didn't want Mark I to feel left out.

d) Audio - To get the signature "By Your Command" catch phrase I picked up a few different versions of your stock greeting card/toy voice recorder gadgets. I had planned to use one type and set the button in his paw, but I ended up decided to use the small white hockey puck version pictured below and actuating it by squeezing his nose (it just seemed cuter that way).

You'll also need fabric glue, a zipper, wire, electrical tape and heat shrink tubing.

Oh, and I also used an on/off push button and a momentary on/off push button to control on/off and the speed of the LEDs (the kit I used has 3 speeds controlled by a momentary on/off button that triggers the speed change)

dan18973 years ago
I added some led's to my teddy just a few days ago and was also thinking along the same lines of sound, nice job!
P.S. i'm only 12
That's a messed up thing to do to a perfectly good teddy bear. 
But what better thing could you do to a teddy bear, especially if you plan giving it to a Battlestar Galatica nerd?
Yup. I agree. but good instructable.
lane295 years ago
brain surgery time!!!!!!!!
alinke5 years ago
Sweeeet!!! What better gift for your loved one than a cyclone Teddy bear. Great idea and and thanks for sharing
osbock5 years ago
Very Nice! Where did you get the hockey puck recorder?
Sweet! When I think of the stupid gimmicky stuffed toys you can get... dancing flowers, singing and dancing karate guinea pigs, plush toys that only sell for the web codes, that build-a-pain bear I foolishly let my son make when he was too young to choose a decent noise module (he doesn't even watch or play baseball, yet he chose one that plays "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" in its entirety)... I have to smile at seeing something like this.

Mind you, it might have a limited application for a Valentine's gift, but for those it fits, it fits well.
DIY Micah5 years ago
Great DIY. Really enjoyed it. Where did you get the "hockey puck" recorder? Do you have a part number?
UrbanNinja5 years ago
 Awesome! But, is it just me or are the LED's slanted instead of straight across the bear's face? :-P Besides that, I really like it and think they should start manufacturing these things so we can freak some peeps out! lol 

The original-series Cylon Centurions (the last pic on the intro page) had a basically-flat scanner eye.  It was only the new-series Centurions which had the V-shaped scanner eye.

For the record, I was a huge fan of the original series (watched it as a kid), and LOVED the new series.  Watch Caprica, if you aren't already - same production crew, new cast, set 58 years prior to the Cylon attack on the Colonies, showing the creation of the Cylons. 


Also for the record - this project rocks hard.  Awesome job, Dragonvpm!

Never mind, I misread your comment the first time around - perhaps it's just that the bear's face is rounded, instead of flat, that's making the LEDs look slanted?
g33kgrrl5 years ago
 Awesome project. soon this bear will capture and enslave the hearts of all humanity.
I, for one, welcome our cuddly murderous overlords.
ayushi5 years ago
well thats really really very great and I felt a little dissapointed from the above line
'please be positive with your comments or risk being banned from our site'
sorry but that was rude if now we are a member than we can share anything

otherwise that teddy bear was really great and I will diffenetly going to try that
There's a difference between saying "This project sucks, And you're terrible.  Don't ever post anything again, you awful person" and "I don't really like this project, I think it would be better if you used Green LEDs for the eyes instead of red" (Or any other complaint you may have)

Really, Don't be a jerk, and if you don't like something, say what you would change- or simply don't say anything at all.

With that said, This is a cool project.  Although, My girlfriend would be scared of it, haha.
kaptaink_cg5 years ago
That's incredibly cool!!!!
BeanGolem5 years ago
 This would make for one creepy Teddy Ruxpin.
Wow, that could bump Chuckie as the creepiest horror toy...you'd have to sync the eye scan with his voice.  Or modify the voice box to have that vintage, oh-so-creamy cylon jazz.
winterfresh5 years ago
 One word: Cool!
LOL someone's a bit obsessed.
Very creative.