Step 7: Glue Zipper in Place.

Pretty self explanatory. The fabric glue dried nicely and even though the bear fur does get in the way a bit for closing it, for the most part it's hidden enough that it doesn't bug me.

Once the zipper was glued in place I stuck the hockey puck voice recorder in the snout and made sure all the pieces were working before re-stuffing the head.

I added some led's to my teddy just a few days ago and was also thinking along the same lines of sound, nice job!<br>P.S. i'm only 12
That's a messed up thing to do to a perfectly good teddy bear.&nbsp; <br />
But what better thing could you do to a teddy bear, especially if you plan giving it to a Battlestar Galatica nerd?
Yup. I agree. but good instructable.<br />
brain surgery time!!!!!!!!
Sweeeet!!! What better gift for your loved one than a cyclone Teddy bear. Great idea and and thanks for sharing
Very Nice! Where did you get the hockey puck recorder?<br />
Sweet! When I think of the stupid gimmicky stuffed toys you can get... dancing flowers, singing and dancing karate guinea pigs, plush toys that only sell for the web codes, that build-a-pain bear I foolishly let my son make when he was too young to choose a decent noise module (he doesn't even watch or play baseball, yet he chose one that plays &quot;Take Me Out to the Ball Game&quot; in its entirety)... I have to smile at seeing something like this.<br /> <br /> Mind you, it might have a limited application for a Valentine's gift, but for those it fits, it fits well.<br />
Great DIY. Really enjoyed it. Where did you get the &quot;hockey puck&quot; recorder? Do you have a part number?<br />
&nbsp;Awesome! But, is it just me or are the LED's slanted instead of straight across the bear's face? :-P Besides that, I really like it and think they&nbsp;should&nbsp;start&nbsp;manufacturing&nbsp;these things so we can freak some peeps out! lol&nbsp;
<p>The original-series Cylon Centurions (the last pic on the intro page)&nbsp;had a basically-flat scanner eye.&nbsp; It was only the new-series&nbsp;Centurions which had the V-shaped scanner eye.<br /> <br /> For the record, I was a huge fan of the original series&nbsp;(watched it as a kid), and LOVED&nbsp;the new series.&nbsp; Watch Caprica, if you aren't already - same production crew, new cast, set 58 years prior to the Cylon attack on the Colonies, showing the creation of the Cylons.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Also for the record - this project rocks hard.&nbsp; Awesome job, Dragonvpm!</p>
Never mind, I&nbsp;misread your comment the first time around - perhaps it's just that the bear's face is rounded, instead of flat, that's making the LEDs look slanted?
&nbsp;Awesome project. soon this bear will capture and enslave the hearts of all humanity.
I, for one, welcome our cuddly murderous overlords.<br />
well thats really really very great and I felt a little dissapointed from the above line<br /> 'please be positive with your comments or risk being banned from our site' <br /> sorry but that was rude if now we are a member than we can share anything<br /> <br /> otherwise that teddy bear was really great and I will diffenetly going to try that
There's a difference between saying &quot;This project sucks, And you're terrible.&nbsp; Don't ever post anything again, you awful person&quot; and &quot;I don't really like this project, I think it would be better if you used Green LEDs for the eyes instead of red&quot; (Or any other complaint you may have)<br /> <br /> Really, Don't be a jerk, and if you don't like something, say what you would change- or simply don't say anything at all.<br /> <br /> With that said, This is a cool project.&nbsp; Although, My girlfriend would be scared of it, haha.<br />
That's incredibly cool!!!!
&nbsp;This would make for one creepy Teddy Ruxpin.
Wow, that could bump Chuckie as the creepiest horror toy...you'd have to sync the eye scan with his voice.&nbsp; Or modify the voice box to have that vintage, oh-so-creamy cylon jazz.<br />
&nbsp;One word: Cool!
LOL someone's a bit obsessed. <br /> Very creative. <br />

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