CymBalls for Cymbals


Introduction: CymBalls for Cymbals

CymBalls are an alternative to cymbal felts. Use like a bottom felt to produce a different response than your regular felts.  Drill the hole slightly smaller than the shaft and the CymBall will friction fit and function both as the top felt and as an alternative to the wingnut. 

Make your own CymBalls easily. Thay are available in vending machines at sMarts everywhere for a quarter or two.  Any rubberlike bouncy ball would work. Bigger cymbal, bigger ball.  Twist a drill bit through the ball carefully using fingers, no power drill required!

Happy Drumming!



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    May I ask how this affects the cymbal differently? It sure looks awesome.

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    Not at all, by my standards. Thank you very much!

    5 Stars and my vote! Good Luck to you, Dreamberry!

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