Cymbal Clock





Introduction: Cymbal Clock

So what do you do when you crack a splash cymbal and find a buttload of lame old clocks no one uses? You make a freaking saweeet looking clock that's what!

Step 1: Disassemble Clock

First thing's first. Get your clock and take it apart. Be careful not to bend the hands when pulling it apart.

Step 2: Chose Your Clock Face

So I originally wanted to use the top of the cymbal as the face but I ran into a problem with the clock components. The shaft was too short to add the washer and nut so I just flipped it over and presto, It worked! Add the washer and the nut here.

Step 3: Attach Clock Components

So since I had to flip the cymbal to make the clock components work I had to bend the arms up a little to go with the curve of the cymbal so it didn't get stuck on it. Just match the angle with each arm. It's not rocket science just bend it so it works.

Step 4: Hang It and Enjoy!

You're done! You now have a sweet clock that you made for free! Holla!!



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Thanks! I couldn't bring myself to throw it out. I'm afraid I will be on that show hoarders soon. Lol

What a fun clock and a great use for an old cymbal! Welcome to instructables!