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Introduction: Cymbal Sizzler

$2.00 cymbal sizzle that can save you up to $13.00!

Step 1: Materials!!!!

These materials should only be about 2 dollars at ACE Hardware.
We love ACE Hardware!

-1 keychain ring, nickel plated $0.20
-1x2' #6 nickel plated ball chain $1.00
-2 #6 end ring connectors, nickel plated $0.5

Step 2: Assembly

Cut the chain into two one peices(cymbal center to side measurement=length). Put the end connectors on the ring, the chains on the connectors, and the ring on the cymbal.



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    8 Comments do you think of this ideas is it effective? ill have to you later

    1 reply

    hey man if you've gotten that mac back I'd love to hear sound bites of the before and after the cymbal sizzler was put on

    ive done this.
    kiteman, instead of a *crash* it changes the sound to a *crashiidlyidlyidlyidlyidly*but the idleys are real fast

    Used by many jazz drummers. I did this some time ago with nails and a small string, worked quite good too.

    So this changes the sound of the cymbal? Could you add "before and after" sound files or video clips?

    1 reply

    ya sure i need to get my macbook to my drums though...i left it in in california...put a post on my page to remind me plz!

    I have done this before. Very cool!!