Very old recipe to great soup from Czech cuisine !
It is great for Sunday lunch and especialy when is winter and cold outside. You will love this soup :-). Helping (of the food) will be for  4 people  3 times (it s better too when its mellow few days).It is made of vegetables, meat, potoes and some spices.

Step 1: What you need

So first thing what you will need is a kitchen with all the equipment(all the pots cookers knives...). Than (best fresh) ingredients :
4 carrots ,
2 root parsley ,
4 tomatoes ,
1 root celery ,
5 sprouts (small cabbage) ,
1 scallion (leak) ,
2 onoins,
about 8-10 potatoes ,
broccoli (calabresse),
and some pork meat .
And of course extra virgin olive-oil.

This this is realy big portion. You can actualy get to this soup any vegetables but these will be the best :-)
Nemusela by být špatná:) ps. rád vidím nějakého aktivního čecha:)
<p>Tak tak :)</p>
Looks great. I'm going to try it this week.
well i do agree with troseph
Nice instructable ;-) good luck kutil !
hey wow what a awesome soup man! with my girlfriend we are going to cook some :-) .. hpe you win !
Grinded majoram, allspice ,salt and pepper but depends on you if you like somethink else put anything you want :) .
Nice instructable, Kutil.<br>In your intro you mention spices, so what kind of spices do you use ?
Hey thank's i'll be grateful for andy comments !

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