Picture of Czech Soup

Very old recipe to great soup from Czech cuisine !
It is great for Sunday lunch and especialy when is winter and cold outside. You will love this soup :-). Helping (of the food) will be for  4 people  3 times (it s better too when its mellow few days).It is made of vegetables, meat, potoes and some spices.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
So first thing what you will need is a kitchen with all the equipment(all the pots cookers knives...). Than (best fresh) ingredients :
4 carrots ,
2 root parsley ,
4 tomatoes ,
1 root celery ,
5 sprouts (small cabbage) ,
1 scallion (leak) ,
2 onoins,
about 8-10 potatoes ,
broccoli (calabresse),
and some pork meat .
And of course extra virgin olive-oil.

This this is realy big portion. You can actualy get to this soup any vegetables but these will be the best :-)

Step 2: Prepare the working place

Picture of Prepare the working place

First  Sharp knive will be useful in cutting than you need knife board and some bowl where you can put cutted vegetables. Than prepare two pots. One bigger and the second one smaller.

Step 3: Olive-oil and onion

Picture of Olive-oil and onion
Pour the olive-oil aground to the bigger pot (cooker) and add the cutted onion.( continue with step 5 slicing and cutting i ll tell you what to do with  the onion in a little bit)

Step 4: Tomatoes

Picture of Tomatoes
Fill the smaller cooker with water , boil the water and add the tomatoes. After minute turn the light off, pour the water off and cool the tomatoes with cold water. This is awesome trick to comfortable peel the coat of tomatoes. (i think you will use it in most of cook recipes). Now remove the  skin  of tomatoes.

Step 5: Slicing and cutting

Picture of Slicing and cutting

 Before you 'll cut vegetables wash them, clean them and grate and shave all the carrot ,root parsley ...... . After that cut them to small pieces with knife. Place them to the bowl .
geniusgob3 years ago
Nemusela by být špatná:) ps. rád vidím nějakého aktivního čecha:)

Tak tak :)

troseph4 years ago
Looks great. I'm going to try it this week.
popol4 troseph4 years ago
well i do agree with troseph
popol44 years ago
Nice instructable ;-) good luck kutil !
tantanhx4 years ago
hey wow what a awesome soup man! with my girlfriend we are going to cook some :-) .. hpe you win !
kutil (author) 4 years ago
Grinded majoram, allspice ,salt and pepper but depends on you if you like somethink else put anything you want :) .
chefmichel4 years ago
Nice instructable, Kutil.
In your intro you mention spices, so what kind of spices do you use ?
kutil (author) 4 years ago
Hey thank's i'll be grateful for andy comments !
CrLz4 years ago