Step 2: Prepare the Working Place

First  Sharp knive will be useful in cutting than you need knife board and some bowl where you can put cutted vegetables. Than prepare two pots. One bigger and the second one smaller.
Nemusela by být špatná:) ps. rád vidím nějakého aktivního čecha:)
<p>Tak tak :)</p>
Looks great. I'm going to try it this week.
well i do agree with troseph
Nice instructable ;-) good luck kutil !
hey wow what a awesome soup man! with my girlfriend we are going to cook some :-) .. hpe you win !
Grinded majoram, allspice ,salt and pepper but depends on you if you like somethink else put anything you want :) .
Nice instructable, Kutil.<br>In your intro you mention spices, so what kind of spices do you use ?
Hey thank's i'll be grateful for andy comments !

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