Picture of DA OTF Hidden Blade
This is the re-make of the hidden blase models from the Assassin's Creed video game. This version is a dual-action out-the-front model which means that it uses the same finger motion to alternate between spring-launching and spring-retracting the blade. The majority of the pieces were 3D printed with the only exceptions being those I had to re-make due to my own failure to properly design the files on the first go. It was a good experience though as this is the first time I have used 3D printing. I have some experience with the software side, but I have never been able to afford the actual printing myself.

There are two videos included to help explain the mechanism. I would suggest building this out of balsa wood before 3D printing so that you better understand where things might go wrong and can adjust for them yourself if needed. It is a cool mechanism and fun to build.
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Step 1: Materials & Costs

Picture of Materials & Costs
mechanism slide.PNG
wheel holder.PNG
The materials used are minimal since most of this was 3D printed. However, some of the pieces are easier to use common items for. These are listed below:
  • 2 Pins / needles / tiny nails
  • Rubber band
  • Balsa wood (any modelling wood will do)
  • X-acto blade
  • super-glue (I used JET modeling glue)
Since the files that had printed were not 100% perfectly designed, I had to modify them a little bit with the balsa wood. This is what the extra modelling wood is for.

The total cost for the above-mentioned materials is fairly cheap if you have the blade already. It was about $4 for the glue, $2 for the wood, and I found the rubber bands and pins sitting around my house. 

The 3D printing was done through a friend of my family, so I cannot give an estimated cost using other vendors. Images of each of the CAD pieces is provided on this and other steps.
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btodd11 month ago

any time frame for when the final version of the CAD files will be uploaded?

i think what you've done is incredible and i would love to try to make one.

Onyx Ibex (author)  btodd11 month ago
I really can't promise anything. A few others have picked up where I have left off and offered to post here when they make final versions. I can't foresee being able to finish these designs anytime soon unfortunately. It isn't a high priority right now. My best suggestion is to post on some of my youtube videos and see who else has expressed interest in carrying on this work.
jlsajfj4 months ago

so does this show the final working one or the one that was your first 3D print (for the first one NICE)?

Onyx Ibex (author)  jlsajfj4 months ago

This is the first attempt. I still haven't gotten around to remaking it yet. :)

jlsajfj Onyx Ibex4 months ago

Ohhh thanks

jlsajfj jlsajfj4 months ago

is the cad file for the final attempt or the first?

Onyx Ibex (author)  jlsajfj4 months ago

the CAD files are for the initial version (not the final version). I will put a link at the end if you want to download them.

jlsajfj Onyx Ibex4 months ago

sure Thanks!

jlsajfj4 months ago

you should add that you aren't selling the thing, because most of the comments say they wanna buy it.

Mask Fireclaw6 months ago
Making a fully wooden one with only hand tools now. I've probably been looking for this type of design for well over a year. Thank you so much!

ok i tried downloading your CAD files but they are either locked or created with a newer version of cad. What year of CAD did you use and is there anyway you can convert them to 2007/2008 use?

Onyx Ibex (author)  lance.j.loveall7 months ago
I likely used autodesk 2013. I only have 2014 now and don't know how to save it as an older format if even possible. Maybe you can go to my autodesk 360 account and download it in a particles format there. You can find the link somewhere on my webpage. I am on vacation this week so won't be able to send a link or try saving differently. If you are still having trouble after trying this and after a few searches still have no luck, send me another message and I'll see what I can do. Good luck! Maybe someone else in the comments has an idea?
wezils tuts11 months ago

I have been looking for a da otf but the youtube videos just don't cut it

Onyx Ibex (author)  wezils tuts11 months ago

What part is causing the confusion? I can try to clarify better maybe.

wezils tuts11 months ago

I have been looking for a da otf but the youtube videos just don't cut it

sup3rb4dd11 months ago

is there any way i could buy the pieces from you? i dont have a 3d printer

Onyx Ibex (author)  sup3rb4dd11 months ago
I am not currently in a position to sell these. My plan was to be able to sell the parts to people who were interested but due to delays in my 3D printer arriving (still has not arrived) and my work load for this summer already there is no way I could guarantee a date when I can make these available. This disappoints me as well and I am sorry I can't offer the parts for sale. Best of luck though! It is definitely possible to craft the mechanism out of balsa wood fairly well. When I first started making this there were a couple of youtube videos I found very helpful, that would be a good place to start if my ible doesn't elucidate parts of the mechanism well enough.
Ok, thanks man.
pk1hunter1 year ago

Would you be willing to upload the cad file for this? I really want to make my own.

Onyx Ibex (author)  pk1hunter1 year ago

You can download the CAD files from my website. Be warned, they still need improvement though.

Jaraco0091 year ago
Name your price my man i will buy this
Onyx Ibex (author)  Jaraco0091 year ago

Unfortunately that is not an option yet. I still am awaiting my printer. I will of course post once it arrives!

plabarre1 year ago


this is really cool
as i saw on your website you looked to have the models updated this month
i was wondering if that was still looking like a possibility or if i should edit them myself

Onyx Ibex (author)  plabarre1 year ago

Yet again, I must push back when I will be able to work on them. My printer and time both have been delayed. The earliest I will now be able to work on them is late March :( I will of course let everyone know when I begin working on them again, but at this point it is not possible. Best of luck!

ajdill421 year ago
Onyx Ibex (author)  ajdill421 year ago
When the design is finished I am open to discussion on this. It is finals week right now for me so I am short on time. But I expect to have plenty of time to perfect the design after the holidays. I will try to let everyone who is interested know, as well as provide a link for more info. It is encouraging to see the interest though! As I mentioned in previous comments, I am waiting for a 3D printer to arrive before continuing as well. That delivery has been delayed and I still don't know the exact date it should arrive. The last time I heard was early January delivery (it is killing me to wait!). I will let you know when I have more information...
King Don1 year ago
Pray tell, how much would it cost for me to order one of these from you, my good man?
Onyx Ibex (author)  King Don1 year ago
I am not in a position to sell these right now. I hope to in the future. I need to modify the CAD files first so that it works better and I need to wait until November for me 3D printer to arrive. After then we can talk if you remain interested.
I'm willing to purchase this for around up to 40$ , its around november, can you please respond if you are still wanting to sell it please respond
Onyx Ibex (author)  Swordsdance081 year ago
Seems reasonable, but what I meant was that I can't start working on them again until November. So I don't have anything available right now. I will let it be known when I get back into working on them!
are you ready now, dont mean to be mean
Onyx Ibex (author)  Swordsdance081 year ago
I wish I could work on them. The printer has been delayed and I probably won't get it before January is the new estimate :( Trust me, I am much more anxious for this than you :) no offense. Sorry I can't offer anything else until then.
Onyx Ibex (author)  Onyx Ibex1 year ago
The original estimate would have made them available by now, but since it has been delayed, we all must wait longer.
bbrouwer21 year ago
Can you send me som more information about the material and dimensions from the hidden blade please:)
Onyx Ibex (author)  bbrouwer21 year ago
check out my website to see the dimensions on the CAD files. Materials is a mystery plastic that isn't PLA nor ABS. I wish I knew what it was. I thought PLA at first but it doesn't quite feel the same as normal PLA.
Guidomalan1 year ago
Does it retract?
Onyx Ibex (author)  Guidomalan1 year ago
Yep. The whole point is that it extends and retracts with the same mechanism
vvyom1 year ago
CAD files please.....
isaiah 991 year ago
Chroman1 year ago
I will even pay you. Please, I really need you. You are the best improviser i could find on this site. If you don't respond, I will be forced to find another. Please!
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