Step 11:

I went around the helmet and filled any gaps with silver silicon and then smoothed them all out, this really made the helmet strong and looked smooth.

The lights were run using a 12v 8x AA battery holder with a jack plug connector going to the helmet and the suit. The Discs on the back of the suit also ran from the same power supply. 

The Helmets were wired with a separate on/off switch to enable us to leave the suits on and reduce glare from the inside of the visor. it was pretty hard to see walking around a festival at night with the helmet lights on.
COOL<br>GOOD WORK<br>^_^<br>
cheers pal...<br><br>happy new year
how can you see with blinding LEDs in front of your eyes and between you and the visor surface?
The back of the lights are heavily masked with duct tape to block out any light, however the glare from the visor is quite bad at night, daytime is fine. <br><br>Cheers
Who was the eBay vendor who made the eye (lights) piece?
Hi<br><br>Search for 'LED light strips 12v'<br><br>There is two strips, each folded once to make four layers. It's like a rubber strip that some people stick to their cars lights...<br><br>Hope that helps<br><br>Dom
hey man, u know that in alot of songs where they make a robot voice? its a talkbox, like they use for guitar except for a keyboard..... u should get a talkbox, hook it inside the helmet, and have a keyboard with a strap on..... it would give a goood effect....
I will defo look into mate, thanks for the advice!<br><br>Keep it daft.........punk
<p>Reminds me of mr. video from bit trip</p>
I would really like to make this before Halloween but I can't find the boba fett helmet you used. Where did you get yours and how much did it cost?
How did you make the visor? <br>Heat gun? Over and form casting of sorts?
Can make a video of this
You could sell these for a living... :p
What did you use for the visor?
where did you get the plasti card?
i chromed the helmet and removed all the screws i could find but just can't get it apart did you use a dremel to get the the face apart?
yeah the cheapest one is this one in america: getting one used can save some money, just change the tube.......
what? you destroyed the fett? :(
Its fetts fault for having such a lovely 'daft punk' shaped head. <br><br>
oh poor fett, nice job though!
Why why must you do this to the fett man
Needs must dude, needs must...

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