DAM Updated 04/12/2015





Introduction: DAM Updated 04/12/2015

DAM aka Directional Attack Mine

The DAM uses 30 size 64 rubber bands to shoot 50 K'nex purple connectors up to 100ft with the slightest pull of the trip!

Step 1: 11 Layer K'nex Mine

Step 2: Stand and Trip

Step 3: Assembly

Step 4: How to Arm the DAM Thing! :P



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    added a video as to how to tie off the fishing line to the trip

    Thank you glad you liked it. I had a lot of fun with this build if you do build it take some pics and make a video of it

    Nice! I might build this! One question, have you ever considered explosives? They work well for Nerf... You know the little party popper that has the string pull on the end? They work rather well.

    Never considered it cause I like to use K'nex and Rubberbands to power all my ideas

    Ehh, no prob. I might try it though...

    Oh, I see how this works. It kind of uses the squeeze shot mechanism like in Kinetic's KLS V.2. The trigger is simple yet very strong.

    Yeah simple sturdy mech and yet the trip is super easy to set off. Took awhile to find that balance

    It seems like the pin would snap under 30 bands. It's amazing that it has a light release trigger but is almost impossible to malfunction.