Introduction: DANCING LED's

About: Now I am a retired person, who enjoys life and making small things to pass the time keep myself busy.

I made this Instructable for my grandson who is interested in electronics, and is 9 years old.

Here I have used a 555 timer Ic. to make the LED’s dance.

It is a simple Project for beginners who like to work with LED’s.


Step 1: STEP-1


Ic 555 with base, One.

Resistor 33k, One.

Resistor 100 Ohms, Eight.

Capacitor 10uf  to 100uf, One.

White LED’s, Four.

Blue LED’s, Four.

The Base made of Hard board, 8” x  8”

On / OFF switch, One.

Use thin wires split out from an old Hard disk of Floppy disk cable.

Step 2: STEP-2

Make the Base using a Hardboard of 8” x  8” with wooden batten nailed all around it.

Then fix the base of the Ic. 555, on the Hardboard platform, but not the Ic at this stage.

Solder wires to the legs of the Ic base, as per the Circuit diagram.

Solder 3 LED’s in series as per the Circuit.

Care to be taken to maintain POLARITY.

Step 3: STEP-3

The power supply is 12 volts DC.

Or 9 volts battery will also work, but the light output will be a little dim.

You can use a 12 volts DC Transformer.

Step 4: STEP-4

After soldering all the wires fix the 555 Ic. to its base.

Connect it to the power supply.

Switch ON and enjoy.

Step 5: VIDEO




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    I can't get my leds to blink, they just light up without blinking. I tried changing the capacitor and nothing :/

    1 reply

    Check your connection to the Ic 555. The No. 3 point directly goes to point 2 & 6 through a 33k resistor to the Condenser. It does not connect points 8&4.

    I just made one and they are so awesome

    i am sorry my connection to the ic was wrong because of the shopkeeper from whom i have buyed

    Please CHECK the circuit, and see if the Connections to the Timer Ic 555 is OK.

    There are no other circuit with me.

    Excellent, but i am confused as you have 24 leds on the schematic, but your list only says 4 of each? white and blue?

    1 reply

    White LED's 3x4=12
    Blue LED's 3x4=12
    12+12=24 LED's.

    Hi Kiteman,
    I have a video but I don't know how to load it to my Project.
    You will notice that non of my Projects have a video,

    As usual, nice job & good Instructable.  I think the grand-kids would like this, but they are a little too young right now (2&3).  I have everything needed to build this in my stash.  I usually buy in bulk from Singapore off of eBay.  They take awhile to get here, but the prices can't be beat.  I just wish I had your creativity.

    Interesting, Dipankar.

    I could not see the video.

    I couldn't get the video to work (Likely my fault), but the idea is a delight!

    I can use this in part of the low-speed vehicle triangle sign to draw attention.

    Very cool use of the 555 chip!