I made this Instructable for my grandson who is interested in electronics, and is 9 years old.

Here I have used a 555 timer Ic. to make the LED’s dance.

It is a simple Project for beginners who like to work with LED’s.


Step 1: STEP-1


Ic 555 with base, One.

Resistor 33k, One.

Resistor 100 Ohms, Eight.

Capacitor 10uf  to 100uf, One.

White LED’s, Four.

Blue LED’s, Four.

The Base made of Hard board, 8” x  8”

On / OFF switch, One.

Use thin wires split out from an old Hard disk of Floppy disk cable.

I can't get my leds to blink, they just light up without blinking. I tried changing the capacitor and nothing :/
Check your connection to the Ic 555. The No. 3 point directly goes to point 2 &amp; 6 through a 33k resistor to the Condenser. <strong>It does not connect points 8&amp;4.</strong>
I just made one and they are so awesome
i am sorry my connection to the ic was wrong because of the shopkeeper from whom i have buyed
Excellent, but i am confused as you have 24 leds on the schematic, but your list only says 4 of each? white and blue?
White LED's 3x4=12<br>Blue LED's 3x4=12<br>12+12=24 LED's.
Nice project, except I don't see a video?<br /> <br /> <br />
Hi Kiteman,<br /> I have a video but I don't know how to load it to my Project.<br /> You will notice that non of my Projects have a video, <br /> HELP URGENTLY REQUIRED.<br /> THANKS.<br />
<br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/answers/How-to-add-a-video-from-my-computer-to-my-instruct/">loading video into your instructable is easy:</a><br> <br> <ul> <li> copy your video to your computer <li> upload video to youtube <li> copy <em>embed code</em> from youtube into instructable </ul> good luck.<br> <br> <br>
As usual, nice job &amp; good Instructable.&nbsp; I think the grand-kids would like this, but they are a little too young right now (2&amp;3).&nbsp; I have everything needed to build this in my stash.&nbsp; I usually buy in bulk from Singapore off of eBay.&nbsp; They take awhile to get here, but the prices can't be beat.&nbsp; I just wish I had your creativity.
Interesting, Dipankar. <br /> <br /> <span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);" title="no pude ver el video">I could not see the video.</span></span>
I couldn't get the video to work (Likely my fault), but the idea is a delight!<br /> <br /> I can use this in part of the low-speed vehicle triangle sign to draw attention.<br /> <br /> Very cool use of the 555 chip!<br />

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Bio: Now I am a retired person, who enjoys life and making small things to pass the time keep myself busy.
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