Boy, I want those wheel lights but it's very doubtful that I'm not going to win them with this substandard entry...so I'll make my own and enter the process thus making some weird logic paradox.

But anyhoo, here goes;

It came to me in a flash:
How can I make some wheel-lights by tonight without doing much ?


This isn't the best way, but it was the quickest method today.


Wire mesh.


Something Flammable yet resilient.(I thought I was buying firelighters but these blocks are like dense felt and they are for barbeques).They were 50 pence.

A bike.
i could see this at burning man
Cool!<br/><br/>I would suggest a slight modification to your warning though:<br/><br/><strong>DO NOT DO THIS!</strong><br/><br/><strong>AND DON'T DRIVE THIS THROUGH THE DRY GRASS, YOU MORON!</strong><br/><br/>There, that should do it. :-D<br/>
GOOD IDEA, and the writing needs to be about five times bigger as well.... ... in red.
No please no. Big red letters telling me to not do things make me really want to do them.
what about the red
i dont know how to make it red
What about if the cops, bobbys, popo, or any other names for cops, see (catch) you riding with this on your bike?!?!?!?!?!
I'm not sure what law you would be contravening?
cool. until your leg catches fire. but then you could just have flaming pants. which would be cool until they hurt.
but pants on fire that hurt is also cool!
dude... did Edison wait to plug in the lightbulb? did Einstein wait before flying around the earth at the speed of light to slow down time? NO!!!!! ∴ by the transitive property of scientific discovery: DONT wait 'till dark! bike around inside your house, or in your garage right next to your cans of gasoline and propane! in the name of SCIENCE, (and Nike) JUST DO IT!!!!!
<em>did Edison wait to plug in the lightbulb? did Einstein wait before flying around the earth at the speed of light to slow down time?</em><br/><br/>But just think how long Alexander Graham Bell had to wait by his newly invented telephone before he received a call . . . <br/>
<em>by the transitive property of scientific discovery</em><br/><br/>:D Congratulations sir, I think you've taken the trophy for all-time geekiest comment I've ever read. <br/><br/>It's sad, though, that some people seem to think that there is a symmetric property of inventors' reputations, ie <em>XXX was a genius and everyone thought he was crazy, everyone thinks I am crazy therefore I am a great inventor</em>. <br/>
so.... you didnt light your house on fire....? :-( you gotta admit, THAT woulda been a sweeeet video...
Yes, I agree with all that you say. I have never been one to use sense instead of patience. I was tempted to try it but unfortunately my house is only about 3 inches bigger than my bike.
you can light up dry grass fields and have a fast getaway hahahaha no im no crazy.?
I fixed your video. All you have to do is swap the "uk" for "www" and it works just fine.
Thank you, Mr.Amungus.
Heck, <em><strong>really</strong></em> wanna know how to light a bike wheel up? Put these on them, light em, then pour some gas on the spokes! Its awsome, Im serious! <br/>
Hahaha, awesome! I think I just got an idea for an Instructable, and I might try it out. +5/5 stars.
Haha, Great video!
Swan vestas =) nice<br/>
Don't be deceived - Swan Vestas ain't what they used to be. They were bright red and would explosively burst into flame at the slightest scrape. Now they're girly pink and half the time the match breaks before you can get a pathetic fizzle out of them. The proper Vesta Rocket is dead and gone.
You are so right. It usually takes about three crumbled matches before I can get anything to light with SwanVestas.
petrol is green?
Well spotted. All I had to hand was 50:1 two-stroke. Paraffin would have been my first choice.
Cool... I had never seen a bike wheel on fire... I can't wait until night time to see the video. Great work! (But just be careful what you are doing.) 4.5 star rating
yay for tesco!!!
that is sweet.
yep that would be dangerous :D maybe you could make a small windblock to stop them going out
I had a slightly less dangerous (but much less impressive) version. There's a type of string that will smoulder indefinitely if you set it on fire then blow it out- tie a bunch of little knots of that around your spokes and set them smouldering. There aren't flames per se but it still looks pretty cool, and I'd be a teeny weeny bit concerned about heating my spokes up this much, I've seen someone melt aluminium tube with a slightly larger version (ok, a homemade fire poi).<br/><br/>I have never seen &quot;<strong>Brown</strong> lighting cubes&quot; before... and they're from Tesco? Weird.<br/><br/>By the way, you know you picked the single worst day of the year to wait for dark? It's the solstice today. I await your post at about 11pm :P<br/>
Excellent - I used to pop similar firelighters into my 'trick pegs' on my BMX. Also popping small smoke bombs into the pegs looked good :0)
ooh... pretty. i would never do that on my racing bike... possibly on my mountain bike. damn! now i wanna have flaming wheels!

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