A simple dart to make in few minutes. very easy and fun.



check out fireworks made of lighter

Step 1: You'll Need

Picture of You'll Need

you will need box of matches needle and string and piece of paper.

Step 2: Make a Body of a Dart

Picture of Make a Body of a Dart

pick 4 matches and put them together so heads are on one side. after tak a needle and place it inbetween matches right in the middle opposite match heads.

Step 3: Tie It With a String

Picture of Tie It With a String

wrap string around to hold matches and needle in place and tie up the ends.

Step 4: Make a Tail

Picture of Make a Tail

take a piece of paper and cut square, then fold it in triangle, after fold it so you have four triangles together as shown in pictures. then cut the sides off as shown. :)

Step 5: Place Tail Into a Body

Picture of Place Tail Into a Body

finālu place tail in between matches by the heads, and it is ready. have fun and share with your friends and colleagues when it's boring :)



fraser02 (author)2016-02-22


good ible, i made it.

gravityisweak (author)2016-01-23

Please tell me you played at least one game of flaming darts with these.

DIY ZE (author)gravityisweak2016-01-23

sorry guys. but what do you mean by flaming darts? lol

Toxic Blood (author)DIY ZE2016-01-23

The matches can be flamable

I think he she did.... totallyyy

DIY ZE (author)Toxic Blood2016-01-23

I didn't light them up :D

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