Introduction: DATE & CARROT LADDU


Maker: Deepika.S.K

Location: Banjarapalya E4D Makerspace .

Required Ingredients:

  • A cup of scrapped carrot
  • A cup of scrapped dry coconut
  • A cup of date
  • 1/4 cup of dry grapes
  • A cup of rava(sooji)
  • Cardamom powder

Materials Required:

  • Stove
  • Mixer grinder
  • Bowl
  • Pan
  • Long spoon
  • Coconut Scrapper

Step 1: Scraping

Picture of Scraping
  • First wash the carrot then scrap a cup of carrot with the help of scrapper.
  • And also scrap a cup of dry coconut with the help of scrapper.

Step 2: Grinding

Picture of Grinding

Now take a cup of fresh dates and remove its seeds then make as thick paste without adding water with the help of mixer grinder.

Step 3: Dry Frying

Picture of Dry Frying

Now turn on the stove then put the pan on stove, fry rave(Shoji), scrapped carrot,scrapped dry coconut separately with low flame until it becoming brown color, in this i didn't put any oil or gee. If you need you can fry it with gee it will give very good taste.

Step 4: Mixing

Picture of Mixing

Now take a big bowl and pour all ingredients together and mix it well.

Step 5: Making Laddu

Picture of Making Laddu

Now make laddu by giving round shape by hand, and garnish it as you wish.


PeterA18 (author)2015-12-07

how much Cardamom powder one should add?

seamster (author)2015-07-06

Nicely done, this looks tasty!

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