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This is my Star Wars Model DC-15S. This is the second Star Wars K"NEX gun on this sight. My WESTAR-35 being the first. It does not shoot, but I think it is pretty accurate looking.

Instructable coming soon!

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MonkeyKnexer15 (author)2016-07-04

there have never been instructions for it. but you said that you would upload it, where are they then??

I actually might like to rebuild this thing...

~Meme~ (author)2012-09-14

Nooooo. This gun was my idea! Ha ha.


XD, made the gun!

dr. richtofen (author)2012-08-25

Looks pretty accurate! Only thing I directly see that could be better, is the handle with trigge guard.

Uh...yeah...? I am that a question or comment? Oh, and did you rate?

I rated 4*. It was ment as a comment, maybe some constructive criticism. I think that the handle should be angled a bit more, and the trigger guard should be a bit larger.

Thanks man...but again, I'd need a bendy rod to be more yeah.

Np. Ach so, yeah without bendies it can be pretty hard to shape trigger guards.

Have you seen my Shipka?

Yes, it looks almost like the real one! You're improving great on the looks!

Thanks man! Means a lot.

No problem =D

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Bio: K'NEX gun builder here at Instructables. More or less retired from the community, but I still pop in now and again.
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