DC-AC 12V -110V/220V 500W or More Inverter





Introduction: DC-AC 12V -110V/220V 500W or More Inverter

i have constructed this inverter to charge my EV
i have 12V DC from solar pannels and i need to recharge my 120V battery pack so i needed an voltage inverter
after buying one i have tested it and it blowed in 2 hours
so i started building one myself using the ferite transformer and rewired it for my use
is very sinple and can be made for every one needs
can output any AC voltage with proper wiring
i use it only with 110v for my needs but in the diagram i had added another wiring for 110 and 120V

as you can see it powers an 200W halogen lamp for testing
in test i have used only 2 FETS but they are too hot so i have added another 2 for more power
if you use only 250W you can use only 2 with propper cooling
if you want more that 500W you need to add another 2 for every 250W of power and use an bigger transformer

from my findings this inverter has around 75% performance

Be carefull at output you have dangerous voltage

Step 1: The Built Inverter for 250W

as i said this one gets hotter with an 200W halogen lamp
if you want more power use more FETs and better transformer

DO NOT TRY MORE THAN 1000W is insane
for 250W you use 310W/12V=around 25A
for 500W you use 620W/12V=around 50A
for 750W you use 930W/12V=around 75A
for 1000W you use 1240W/12V=around 100A

Step 2:

you can use an inverter to power your laptop from car batetry or use any house object that uses AC curent

this is the test inverter finished

i will post more pictures after i finish mounting it in its casing for car mounting

i have 240W solar panel on the roof of my car so i can charge my car anywere is i have enough time

for DC you need to add an AC/DC rectifier and you can charge your EV battery ;)




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    please I need a working 3000watt inverter lesser circuit. I have built one but I need a different circuit of 3kva. here is my email. chiboy828@gmail.com tnx


    thanks for your information and could you clarify these questions to me?

    1. what are the part number of T1 ( transformer) and FET ?

    2. If I want to change this circuit to 500W How are the parts can change? obviously the flops or LM555 will change because obviously these parts cannot handle 50A current

    3. what is the efficiency of this system?

    could you reply to hmahaling@gmail.com



    Not a well suited inverter since it looks like a pulse driven square wave.

    sir, what is clk component...

    Looks like a 555 timer going into a 4013 D-type Flip-Flop.

    please give me a 3000w transformer less inverter circuir diagram


    Hi, I know its been a along time since you made this but can you tell me, what will happen to the power output if part of the solar panel is in the shade. Can a voltage regulator be implemented to address any problems caused by shade?

    Thinking about using something like this to push a dryer motor in a go cart.