DC Comic Coffee Table





Introduction: DC Comic Coffee Table

Here is my coffee table that up until recently had many dings and water stains along the top of it.  I went ahead and repainted the whole table in black and took pages from a sacrificial comic in my collection and glued them along the top in two rows using 5 sheets each row.  I then coated the entire surface in 3 coats of varnish to seal it.  This is a fun and easy way to remodel furniture that has become less desirable to the eyes.



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    Thats awesome! Can I ask you what kind of glue you used? Or the kind of varnish? I recently tried something similar but while laying on the varnish it killed the craft glue I was using. Now it has huge bubbles and looked like I glued my photos down in the dark.

    I had a similar problem when I first started and then switched to a stick glue for the pages follow by a spray on clear coat sealant for furniture. I sprayed lightly to not warp the pages which took about 3-4 passes before I felt that it was evenly covered. Another trick I've tried with another piece I did was to laminate the pages first and then glue them on and varnish or seal. I found that laminating the sheets eliminated the risk of getting warped or bubbled spots. Hope this helps.

    I love all the character's it has in it! JLA4E!