DC-DC Voltage Doubler (simplest Possible Circuit)


Introduction: DC-DC Voltage Doubler (simplest Possible Circuit)

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This voltage doubler circuit uses a DPDT switch to alternately charge 2 series connected capacitors. The main purpose of this circuit is to illustrate the principle of operation of switched-capacitor voltage multipliers. Other applications are up to you !

Step 1: Images

Step 2: Circuit & Components

SW1: double pole double throw switch (DPDT)

C1-C2: 2200uF electrolytic capacitors (voltage & capacity according to application)

Bat: (any battery)

Led1: (green led for this demo)

R1: (1K for this demo)

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: Watch the Video!



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    man u need to revamp your heading............... who in the hell want's to use a f switch...............duh..........

    wait so i would have to keep switching the switch unless i got an electroonic switch