Even though a Dremel is used as a tool, I figured I would use it for another useful purpose. Generating electricity. As proof of concept, I attached it to a gas powered scooter. Video is shown Above....

This dremel tool still works great, the only problem is that the battery pack stopped holding a charge after years of use.  So my dad and I decided to sacrifice one of the dremels we have in order to do this project.

The dremel itself is not being modified in any way. Only the battery pack for the dremel is being modified.

This instructable uses many different power tools that can cause serious injury. Use caution when using power tools.

Main components of build
  • Battery Powered Dremel
  • Bicycle headlamp
  • 20 gauge solid core wire

Step 1: Disassembly of Battery Pack and Creating Dummys

Since the battery pack on my dremel was dead, I didn't have to worry about shock.

Materials/Tools for this step
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Saw of choice
  • 3/8" Wooden Dowel
First, take a flat head screwdriver and put it in between the red and black plastic. It takes some force to pop open the battery pack. Once it is open, there will be 2 sets of three batteries. They are in a T shaped formation. Take those sets of batteries out and do whatever you want with them. 

To replace the batteries that were taken out, you will be creating a replacement called dummy batteries. The easiest way to make them is to take a wooden dowel the size of a AA battery (about 3/8") and cut them to the length of a AA battery using whatever saw you want.

I had to make 6 dummy batteries for the dremel battery pack and 4 dummy batteries for the bicycle headlight that I modified. (More on the light later in the instructable)

Nice idea. If you don't mind I'd like to suggest that if you shorten one of the cross dowels you could install a plug receptacle in the end (or side) of the battery pack housing. This would allow you to plug your wires in, letting you remove the Dremel but leave the wire in place. You could do this at the light as well. And if you installed two plug receptacles in the battery pack you could plug in a rear light as well. <br>Rory
Nice! This makes me want to make a smaller gas engine powered flashlight. Combo this dremel with an RC plane motor.
Use some copper tubing and a brass toilet or older (pre- 1970) car fuel tank float as the fuel tank for the &quot;nitro&quot;. That might be the start of an impressive steam punk prop that would actually work. Of course, use an older metal flashlight as well to mount everything too. You could even Hook it to an old miner's helmet and you would have a real winner for a prop that would actually work! All the smoke that the nitro RC motors give off would just add to the vintage/Victorian look. <br> I've been wanting to work on some &quot;steam punk&quot; items, but I would like them to be fully functional... like your idea. I love it!

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