If you live in the DMV and want a simple to make and fairly cheap costume that will be recognizable to everyone, then you are in luck my friend. I have the costume for you. If you don't, but like to confound people and/or spend a lot of time explaining your costumes, then you, too, are in luck! Although, I'm pretty sure these basic steps can be adapted to fit to many different cities' transport systems.

Here's what you need for a basic metro station costume:
  • brown sweatshirt or long-sleeved shirt
  • brown pants
  • brown shoes
  • white iron-on letters (preferably Helvetica) OR white fabric paint OR white marker OR white-out
  • an iron OR a paintbrush for lettering (depending on above choice)
  • felt OR construction paper (two shades of grey plus orange, red, blue, green, yellow [or silver if you are forward thinking] depending on the station you want to be)
  • brown matte board OR any cardboard plus brown construction paper
  • plain white paper
  • glue gun or tape
  • craft glue
  • needle/thread (optional)
  • cotton batting (optional)

Step 1: Metro Station Shirt

Those of you who have traveled in DC's distinctive transport system will recognize the rounded, repetitive concrete pattern that's inside every underground station. We're going to replicate a suggestion of that architectural detail as shoulder pads.
  • Cut out 2 large rectangles, about 4x7 or so, out out of the darker grey felt. Out of the lighter grey felt, cut out three smaller rectangles (rounded at the corners) and place and regular intervals on top of the large rectangle (see illustration.) Sew or glue into place.
  • Sew or glue the large rectangles onto the shoulders of the sweatshirt. I sewed all my pieces, and I added some cotton batting underneath to add a little dimensionality.
  • Cut a circle of felt (according to your station color) and sew or glue it just below the grey shoulder pads on each side.
  • Use your iron-on letters to spell out the station name below the circle on the sleeve on each side. Alternatively, paint on the letters with white fabric paint.
Is certainly possible that you could go EVEN MORE super cheap, quick, and easy with all these steps using construction paper, tape and white-out.
Haha, great idea! :)
A Basenji! You don't see those around much, we used to have one, and he was great with my son! He wasn't paying attention though, and my mom ran him over in the drive way. He looked just like yours too :(
Basenjis. They never pay attention. This train has had MANY derailments. He'll be 14 in November, so I guess he's doing something right, though!

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