Step 5: Attach Head to Body

Once the face plates have been attached to the gourd shells, it is time to connect the head to the body.
First position the head to the body and mark where holes should be drilled.
Drill a 1/2 inch hole.
The hole in the body was cut out larger with a coping saw.
This was done to allow some adjustability to the angle of the head.
Use the lamp hardware to bolt the two halves together.
For added strength, add hot glue in between the two halves.
Apply the four rubber feet to the bottom.
if a gourd is a plant, wouldn't it rot? or is there something special about gourds, like they have special laser powers or something?
wood is a plant too :-P
&nbsp;Ha. The gourds were dried first, before I bought them.<br /> Plus, I added a coat of clear enamel which should help keep bugs away.<br /> BTW - Archaeologist have found gourd fragments dating back thousands of years. Although I doubt my DC Monkey would last that long. : )<br /> Thanks!
i saw the gourd thing on dirty jobs once
&nbsp;Really? That is great! : )
I just keep thinking about the old Beatles song....&quot;<em>Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey</em>&quot;<br /> <br /> Good Job<br />
<em>Ever get bored of the same old project boxes?</em><br /> Yes - it's a super box.<br /> <br /> L<br /> <br />
Thank you!&nbsp;:&nbsp;)

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