Picture of DD-27 Pistol v2.1
I have made the DD-27 pistol. It uses the same barrel as the actual DD-27, but it is more compact. Dsman195276 has allowed me to use his barrel design. This barrel is totally his design, I did not design any part of the barrel.

Link to the DD-27: http://www.instructables.com/id/DD-27-V2.75-compact-AST-rifle/

Step 1: Barrel

Here is the barrel for the DD-27 pistol. Once agasin this is not my design it is dsman195276's design.

13:Connect and done.
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An Villain5 years ago
has anyone else noticed the gun moves when you put your mouse on the yellow box?

oh, good.

DJ Radio5 years ago
Nice DD-27 in a different body. (Yes, I am parodying your comment on my OMEN XR)
jollex (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
Thanks, that's what it was meant to be, hence the name.
DJ Radio jollex5 years ago
Well then you're welcome!
mr.guy6 years ago
nice gun i think im gunna attempt makng this i GOT TONS OF KNEX
lioneatr mr.guy6 years ago
mr.guy lioneatr6 years ago
well i made this fire arm and it was ok and then i since i know how the basics work, i figured why don't i start making knex guns and i came up with this LOOK UP THE AKS-47u knex rifle or just click on my name. and lioneatr, FROM ALL THE STUFF IM MAKING IM STARTING TO RUN LOW!!! I ACTUALLY BELIEVE I NEED TO BUY SOME MORE!!!!
HEUPIS6 years ago
KnexGuns6 years ago
Nice gun... I built it and I got it to shoot about 20 feet max, not that powerful though, I only got it to shoot through papper, or dent a can. Otherwise its ok. 3/5 (Going to post some of my guns soon guys ~.')
Owenmon6 years ago
whats its range? and does it hurt when you get hit by it :D
well put it this way it shattered my bathroom blinds (shades) from twenty ft away
ok.... :-)
yes it hurts... lots
jollex (author)  Owenmon6 years ago
I don't know.
Owenmon jollex6 years ago
mmm k
ninjusk6 years ago
statified7 years ago
lol HI, i can read what the other box says, thanks to my firefox add on which allows me to remove things from webpages :P
whats it say?
the second one says now you cant read the other box mwuahahaha and the inner box says HI
kewl gun..i built it..shot pretty good
jollex (author)  addicted2knex7 years ago
JOE19037 years ago
Hahaha HI to you too. I discovered a way to read your little box. Just hold down your mouse button and Ctrl and slowly move onto it then release your mouse button.
EY! doest werk
Vynash JOE19037 years ago
Doesn't work
The trigger was a little problematic for me but I fixed it. You just have to fiddle with things when they don't work.
no no I was talking to Joe1903
*_* Oh, I see that now. XD
Check out my AP3 and tell me what you think.
yeah saw it, it was mirrrrr ok
It never jams, is pretty sturdy, has good power, good accuracy, a true trigger, a good rate of fire, a 9 round detachable mag (which can also be replaced in battle with a new full mag), a new barrel, a new ram pull, and "iron" sights. And you think it's JUST OK!!! Lol.
jollex (author)  Oblivitus7 years ago
Please stop advertising your gun in my instructable.
OK, sorry. But I was having a conversation with this guy, I've been talking with him on a few instructables and wanted his input.
wow that was a long thing but I read it so fast weird but cool but im busy with lots of other guns (im behind in them :( )
jollex (author)  Oblivitus7 years ago
I changed the trigger completely before but I was to lazy to post it.
JOE1903 Vynash7 years ago
i dunno then it works for me
Vynash JOE19037 years ago
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