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Introduction: DDR Dance Pad

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Watch this video where we teach you how to make a DDR pad. We got tired of the old piece of cloth we had with the game. So we made one here at home :) It worked amazing !!!



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    Awesome DDR Pad.
    What type of plexiglass did you use and how thick was it?

    So it works with just a solid sheet of plexiglass?  No need for making "buttons"?  Cool.  Is it possible to get a video of this puppy at work?
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    Yes the plexyglass is flexible enough to bend where you step for the buttons. We actually sold this baby to some kid from Wysconsin lol We found it was harder to ship than to build haha

    Yipes!!  How did you eventually ship it?

    hahha an old modified 52" TV box with a lot of ductape haha.

    What shipping service did you use?