Introduction: DE-FROSTER

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for all those looking to cool a shot like an ice block without having to carry around a 300 pound block of ice!

1. buy 1/2 inch copper piping and get a piece of 3 inch pipe.
2 coil the copper around the 3 inch pipe to get your shape.
3. discard 3 inch pipe and slide the coil down inside a 4 inch pvc pipe 2 feet long 1/2+1/2+3= 4 so it should fit mine did
4. drill hole in the bottom about two inches up so there is still room to slide the end cap on without blocking the hole.
5. use L pipe to make right angle to attach the funnel fill core with ice and water let sit for a couple a minutes and then use.



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    Can't wait to use this one :)

    there is a copper wire coiled inside filling the tube with ice and water and it will make the pipe ice cold. you poor room temp drink in the funnel and wait for it to come out the bottom ice cold and not watered down.

    Details! Details!

    How did you make it, how do you use it?