Sure to get their blood pressure up!

Step 1: Pretty Obvious...cut a Deer Hoof Into the End of a 2x4, Cut It Off at an Angle and Glue and Screw to Another 2x4.

Step 2: Screw Old Shoes to the 2x4s. I Added a 1x4 and Rope on the Back Because My Ankles Got Tired Quickly.

Step 3: Tromp Around in Soft Mud to Drive the Hunters Crazy! a 600 Lb. MONSTER BUCK!

You are an evil man, my kinda guy. Thanks, I have to go build some. Got a hunting club to prank.
<p>Ha ha, good for you! I am thinking about building Cougar Boots next! Hee hee!</p>
Update. Found some cow legs. Am going to make them longer like ski poles. Am looking at my neighbors goats for droppings. Another neighbor has a concrete deer in his barn. Let the evil begin. Will send photos if I can.
<p>Yes, or if you could even fashion them into wooden stilts, so your weight will push them deeper, like a 1000 lb. buck! You should get a video of it and post it on Youtube.</p>

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Bio: I have a blast creating things, inventing things and pulling pranks. Getting a nose full of sawdust is very satisfying! Retired Carpenter and Construction Superintendent ... More »
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