Introduction: DIRTY JOBS

About: English is not my first language. I use Google Translator and patience of friends to write Instructables. Feel free to point out style, syntax or grammatical errors. Actually I work in TECHSHOP Menlo Park C...

At TECHSHOP with more than 700 members and more than 30 shops (3D Printer, Wood, Metal, Welding, Laser, Vinyl, Silk Screen, 3D Scanner, Plastic, ...) we have sometimes, depend what project going on, we have a dirt trashcan.

Step 1: Dirt Trashcan +

Step 2: Power Washer Machine +

Step 3: Motor Support +

Step 4: A Bunch of Pipes +

Step 5: A Pipe Bender +

Step 6: A Guy Knowing What He Is Doing =

Step 7: = Trash Can Support for Power Wash

Step 8: Like That

Step 9: Bang, and the Trash Can Is Clean

Step 10: Let Dry for a Moment

Step 11: And Is Clean and Ready to Use Again :)

Step 12: After Use a While We Figure Out Need a Extra Pin to Lock the Trash Can Suport

Step 13: Extra Pin Done

Step 14: Sh%@#$&* a Re-flux of Water Hit My Eyes, SAFETY GLASS IS MANDATORY AT POWER WASH

Some idea for improvement of the "trash can cleaning system"?



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