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Introduction: DIWire Kaleidocycle

What do you get when you cross a kaleidoscope with a unicycle?

Probably a trip to the hospital. Anyway, this here's a kaleidocycle ! Turn it inwards, turn it outwards, flip it upside down and turn it some more. It's the stress ball of Bendables. And this one's made of six repeated 3D bends. These got so fun we made a ton of them. Bend your own kaleidocycle using our downloadable file or design a new one – there's an infinite number of kaleidocycles! How beautiful is that?! What does kaleido- mean, anyway? Get bending and let us know how it goes!

Materials Needed: Wire, Heatshrink, Heat gun

Step 1: Start Bending

Start the 3D bend. Make sure to add a Pause Point to the SVG's third bend point.

Step 2: Rotate the Wire

At the Pause Point rotate the bent triangle 115 degrees from its original bend plane.

Step 3: Finished Bends

You'll end up with this tetrahedral shape. Repeat six times and get out the heat shrink.

Step 4: Assemble

With a heat gun, shrink open ends of the tetrahedrons until you've got a kaleidocycle...

Step 5: Time to Play



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    Do you have an instructable for someone without tools? I just spent 45 minutes creating your wicked creation with some scrap wire, pliers, and electrical tape. Still works somehow. Although corners could be more consistent and sharp. :(


    By the way! By wicked I meant awesome. Thanks, this is soo cool! :)

    Thanks, ArmanA11!

    Keep an eye out for more Bendables coming up-- with expanded instructions.

    This looks really interesting! I'd love to see a video or a GIF of how it moves!

    If you click on the first image you can see a GIF of it moving

    That's awesome! I've actually just started getting into making GIF's myself for my instructables. I've found that if you upload a lower resolution GIF it'll play right in the instructable. I think I used 320x240 on my most recent instructable.

    I'm glad you enjoy it and I appreciate the info regarding GIFs