Picture of DIY: Mouse window
DIY : Mouse window
This is a small instructable in witch I will show you how to brand your mouse with a logo, name or any design that you want. i like Metallica ...and thats their logo

Step 1: Tools and "wepons"

Picture of Tools and
1 - Dremel
2 - cuting disc
3 - dremel bits
4 - sand paper roll(for the dremel too)

a - a mouse
b - a LED
c - CD case
d - 2 small cables
e - 100 ohm resistor

misc :
soldering iron, sildering paste
Arirox5 years ago
that switch is a rapid fire ignition switch?
Ainshtain (author)  Arirox5 years ago
no ...it is a switch for the right click ...to keep it pressed
simharry7 years ago
great instructable i did this and had sooooooooo much fun cutting holes in my mouse that it looks like swiss cheese now it is awesome and the blue is cool!
Blue Cheese!!
moldy cheese
Nob cheese?
Just thought i'd add my two cents...
cool i have that same exact rotary.
It's about time I see someone else who actually calls it rotary instead of Dremel, because there are rotary tool brands out there other than Dremel, it's like calling a PS2 or PS3 a Sony, or calling a Wii a Nintendo...I always find it annoying when someone calls a game system, or a tool by a brand name, whether it's made by that brand or not. This is looking to be an interesting instructable though.
ajmontag7 years ago
Thanks for the idea! Im going to try this on one of my i-rocks superman mice i got free after MIRs from that other online retailer, ClubIT, Newegg is WAY better. I have extra leds and resistors from doing a window mod too! thanks bro!
i got that same mouse, but when I applied for the rebate, I accidently applied under the wrong color, thus I didn't get it. I also bought all 3 different colors of their keyboards, (supposedly each color was a different form and different offer number), yet I only received a rebate for the first one I bought. Anyway, I may use that mouse as well, I just gotta practice some engraving first lol
oops, I forgot to say, great instructable! I can't believe I never thought of making a window for my mouse. Mabye i'll make a window for my keyboard and light it up w/ a logo in the top left/right corner. If I do, i'll either post a pic here, or possibly another instructable and will give u credit for the inspiration lol.
Corpy6 years ago
But what is this?? :D
Ainshtain (author)  Corpy6 years ago
there is a capacitor near the mouse input cables ...from there I got the power +5vcc and and
It would probs look better without the logo(no offence to metalica) and you spelt it "wepons". its weapons. and how'd u make the perspects flush with the mouse, and is the perspects concaved to match the old shape.
Rockerx7 years ago
that desk looks exactly like mine....lots of stuff
Ainshtain (author)  Rockerx7 years ago
:) yes i can see the resemblance in one of your instructables, now it is a lot clean era because of the winter holydays coming up and because I hurt my hands in some acid and I can not work until they are cured …oh well maybe next year I’ll put some new stuff….maybe a preamp:D
then how can you type.
Ainshtain (author)  James (pseudo-geek)7 years ago
long nails ;)) ...the keyboard so free of "not so useful" stuff
lol. what happened with the acid btw?
Ainshtain (author)  James (pseudo-geek)7 years ago
it made my hands all blistary and when I try to touch something my skin would brake apart, it did not hurt but the sensation of skin falling of ....i do not wish anyone to experience it, i got it from a old solution of FeCl3 ...and some soldering paste
That Feric Chloride is some bad stuff dude. Latex or Nitril gloves dude they're cheap USE EM!! lol
is it smooth? you can use a hot glue gun and an x-acto knife to cut off the excess
Xellers7 years ago
Please be sightly clearer in your instructions, I have a hard time reading your abbreviated slang script. Thanks.
Ainshtain (author)  Xellers7 years ago
exactly on what instructions ...of what?
I couldn't understand most of the explanations in this instructable. I got confused by all of your short, misspelled words. Please update. TY
buterSBob297 years ago
NICE! I love metallica
Ainshtain (author)  buterSBob297 years ago
my desk used to look like that, then i bought a project box
stranoster7 years ago
This was updated 08.08.02. Its a bit different but I still like them both.
Ainshtain (author)  stranoster7 years ago
yes ...that was my inspiratin :P
Make sure you always say where you found your inspiration to share it with others. Also try to remember to spell check. Other than that this is a GREAT take on Metku's version, especially as I cannot buy acrylic where I live!
what is the (do not ask what this is?)
Ainshtain (author)  !Andrew_Modder!8 years ago
read the comments below ..
1. Are you an FPS'er, and if the answer to 1 is yes, then 2. is that extra button a quickfire mod?
Ainshtain (author)  bleachworthy8 years ago
I loved MU-Online and that buton is a on off buton for the right click that enabled the character to do magic ...and in that way i was staying in bed adn the character was lvl-ing up ;)
ah, a decent mod, not as much fun a a quickfire.
Hydralore8 years ago
Thats pretty cool, iv been thinking about doing something like this for a while
Ainshtain (author)  Hydralore8 years ago
Thx for support ...do it it is preaty fun at night ... :>
haha :D