DIY Fix Broken IPod!





Introduction: DIY Fix Broken IPod!

If you have a broken ipod , with a business card and five minutes it will be fixed!

I enjoy instructionables that are easy to do , short to complete, and will work for anyone!

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This is a common problem among many, many people that have a warranty that has expired.

Now you could just send it back to apple to get a new one, but if your warranty expired, like mine did, they wont give you a new one. You need to fix this pretty 350$ piece of apple!!

Instead of having a nice paperweight ( hopefully you didnt throw yours out) , you will need these with three things before starting:

1. a flathead screwdriver
2. a broken ipod and 5 minutes
3. a new and or old, but crisp, business card

p.s. No memory loss either, all songs, data, ect will still be on the iPod.

Step 1: Easy Does It

The first thing is to take the iPod apart.

This is not a big deal, there are little plastic holds around the iPod, and the flat head screwdriver will allow you to pry it open at the plastic parts.
(see pic)
Once completed, you can just snap the ipod back together so it looks exactly the same, just dont get too frustrated if it takes a few minutes to get the first clip.

Use a MICRO flat head screw driver. Go in from the side as shown in the demo, but to get it started angle the screwdriver down so that it slides in between the plastic and metal, then take a bigger sized micro screw driver to open it the rest of the way.

Step 2: Careful

When all the plastic parts are un-snapped ,
you can pull the ipod apart an inch or so , you only need to do one more step
Here is where this gets neat:

Fold the business card twice. So it is still springy.

Put the folder business card in the iPod on top of the blue sponge that is inside.

shut and snap the iPod back together.

So now it your iPod is back to normal, and all you needed was a folded business card!!

The blue sponge needed a little more pressure over time.

Hope you enjoy ! Digg to get maximum iPods fixed lol



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Come home from working 13 hours on night shift and getting ready for bed to see something on facebook about iPods back in the day. Made me think about my old 5th gen classic and how out of nowhere it just stopped working. I was so upset and devastated. So my tired non human brain started to think at 7am, "hmm I wonder if I there's anything on the internet that can show me how to fix it?" Lmao and searching of different methods and ways on which I was gonna try for first then boom! I stumble across this crazy solution 2 hours later. I was like well, screw it I'm going for it! lol went and found my iPod and got the tools out and 10mins later here's my iPod working again!! Thank you so much!!! So much music on here I forgot about!! I can't thank you enough!! Seen in the comments that a guy said he owes you a beer.. I owe you two cases and a bottle! Lol thank you again!

You are very welcome !!!!

Make me smile and damn thanks would be sweet I live in PEI in Canada lol liquor here is so expensive !

Wow. That worked! So awesome. Only thing is that the screen is now a bit messed up. Has a smear on it, like something happened under the screen area. Any ideas?

what about the older iPod that doesn't come apart on sides? how do I open this kind?

I had blank display only white. I thought my hard drive died for good this time, but you saved it !! I owe u a beer :)

fantastic ...was gutted when my ipod classic died.......its alive...its alive....its a miracle took me about a minute to fix thank you

Thank you soooo much for this!!

Worked like a charm. Gave me my old Ipod back -- no longer have the computer it was linked to - have some great music on it. Now I can jam on my road trips again. Perfect time.

:) holding both buttons worked thanks