Picture of DIY - Replace Broken Laptop LCD
Replacing a broken laptop screen is more often than not, a very easy project. If you have a broken screen, don't jump on ebay and sell it for considerably less than it's worth. Instead, go to ebay and try to find the replacement LCD, the entire cover for your computer, or even better, your computer with a blown motherboard but intact screen! The later case, you not only get a new screen, but extra memory, a backup hard drive and perhaps even a WiFi card you didn't have before.

It helps to know your computer. If you don't, do your research first. Some laptops have the LCD glued (epoxied) into the frame. In these cases it's usually much easier to replace the whole cover. Most don't have this problem though.

I'm going to show how easy it is with an Apple iBook G4. I've also replaced the screens on Panasonic, Gateway and other laptops just as easily.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
What we'll need, besides the replacement LCD of course, are the tools to open the display enclosure. In this case, we'll need a tiny magnetic phillips screwdriver, a size 1.5 allen wrench and something to pry apart the snap together frame.

The later can be a couple of small (tiny) flat edged screwdrivers, a metal ruler or paint scraper with the edge filed to a sharper edge, etc. In my case, I use the tools that were included with a battery replacement for an iPod. The tools alone were worth the cost of the battery!

For some, a pair of tweezers would help.
RajiaH1 month ago
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ZaraM5 months ago


I have a Samsung laptop and the screen is damaged but is still functioning but half of the screen is fine and the other half isn't. The damaged part of the screen goes from the top left hand corner to the bottom in the middle. If I get my screen replaced will all my work, images, videos etc. still be saved on the same laptop.

LasVegas (author)  ZaraM5 months ago
All of your work, images, videos, etc. are located on your hard drive. Even if you fail to repair the screen, you can still access the hard drive and all of its data with another computer by removing the drive from the Samsung and either installing it into an external 2.5" enclosure or using a SATA/PATA to USB adapter (about $15 on eBay).

Good luck!

mzansi1 year ago


I am new here ad the information you are providing its wonderful. I have acer laptop, the screen is damaged still functioning but half of the screen is fine the other half the display is like 16 bit colour and not 32 bit. The split is starting from the camera going down. How do I solve this problem?

bobcross22 years ago
I recently broke the screen on my Acer Aspire One 722. After doing 3 hours of research i found a site offering 0 Dead Pixels Humptydumptyservice. Repair was easy. Just pop off the rubber bumpers and unscrew.

jtmjjj3 years ago

I recently replaced the screen on my HP dv6-3216. It seemed easy enough and saved me over $150, but now it won't turn on. At first the light around the power cord was lit, but as I kept checking connections inside I finally wound up with nothing.

I did break one of the cable clips, but secured it with tape. Help me please.
zack247 jtmjjj2 years ago
i realize that you may have resolved this already, but you may have static shocked your laptop. you did touch a large metal object beforehand, right?
Skippitte4 years ago
Recently my screen started getting dimmer. I tried a "hard reset" on it and when I start it back up it's perfect!... for about a minute.. then it goes back dim. I have check all my settings, did a system restore on it.. any ideas?
Hello i have been a computer tech for over 10 years and sounds to me like a faulty inverterboard and or backlit bulb, But most likely the inverter. Could be the screen cable itself but unlikely.
It might be a faulty connector, try open your laptop and reconnect it.
Sorry but any idea Wat the connector would look like?
It varies model-to-model. but it is always the connector that connects your screen to the bottom part, reconnect every connector that does just that.
malvadoo3 years ago
Hello, I recently replaced my HP dv6214ea LCD matrix with this one http://whitenergy.com/Matryce_do_laptopow/CCFL/LCD_panel/CCFL_15_4_1280_800_matte/product/07362/113/117/
But results its bad, colors is to warm, little flashing and dots are to large. How I can fix it, and there are problem?
lithodir4 years ago
Hey, I was wondering - I have an old ibook G4 with a good LCD but an old operating system. I was considering buying a used ibook G4 with a higher operating system, but a cracked LCD and putting my old screen into the cracked screen. One issue is that I inherited my ibook from my sister, who bought it in New Zealand and I have a power converter on the end of the plug in for the power cord, but everything else seems the same - do you know if they all use the same parts all over the world? Assembled in Taiwan model A1055 - if that's helpful... I'm really keen to try this! Thanks!
LasVegas (author)  lithodir4 years ago
All Macs worldwide use universal power supplies. The supplies will run on 100 to 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz. This means that any plug adapter that is connected to the supply will work.

Tracker0075 years ago
How you doing Im sorry to bother with rookie questions but I need help asap. My laptop lcd is cracked and needs to be replaced. I have a HP G60-230us and I opened the laptop and found that its a Samsung LTN160AT02-H02 I found a good price on a Samsung LTN160AT02-B02 - $95 for a new pull? whatever that means. I hope it will work, does the H02 and B02 mean a different configuration or does it refer to a batch of some sort. Thanks to all whom can help and God bless.
oompieter5 years ago
I have a Toshiba P100 with a broken screen - a WSXGA+ with resolution of 1680x1050. I can buy a replacement screen - a WXGA with a resolution of 1440x900. Everything else on the two screens are identical. Will the lower resolution works?
prasasht5 years ago
Hi - I bought a screen from ebay which didn't match the model I wanted to replace but on confirmation from the seller that it would work, installed it. Looks like I was able to successfully install it but the issue is that when I switch on my laptop the screen appears grayish (I can see the desktop) looks like each alternate pixel is white. But as soon as I try changing the display properties on the screen the screen becomes clear and perfect. It works fine in all display settings its just that it triggers something. Also I observed that if I hibernate the machine the screen remains clear. But if I shut down or restart it it again goes back to the grayish look. Would appreciate if you could help. Model Inspiron 9300 (17") Original screen - LG171WX2 (B4) replaced with - LP171WP4 (TLP2)
LasVegas (author)  prasasht5 years ago
While the screen may have been pin compatible with your laptop, it does sound like it had a different resolution than the original. You may be able to make a resolution change to the CMOS settings through the CMOS setup (usually F2 on post), or with a flash utility from the manufacturer. Failing that, I would place a batch script into the Startup folder to reset the resolution after each startup. Las Vegas
albizzy1145 years ago
if i find a screen in the housing, would it be easier if i just replace the housing instead of just the lcd? I have never done anything like this before, but the screen just cracked today, and this is actually a borrowed computer. I'm trying to fix it on my own.
LasVegas (author)  albizzy1145 years ago
Honestly, it all depends on the computer in question. Some use very easy to install screens with very complex balancing systems for the screen bezel. Some literally glue the bezel together making direct replacement of the LCD virtually impossible. (Read MacBook Pro!). If you can get a good enough price on the complete bezel housing and it's easy enough to replace, go for it. It's simply a mater of getting everything connected right.

Las Vegas

It's an ibook G4. I just broke it yesterday, stumbled across your step by step. Looked on Ebay and found an auction that was going to end in within hours that no one had bid on. I ended up getting it for REAL cheap. I guess I just got lucky
jambalee5 years ago
Hey Las Vegas, i recently replaced my Acer Laptop screen that i had broken myself by closing lid with something in it. the replacement was easy enough, after installation my computer seemed to turn itself off when i touched it or moved it. after my computer added the new hardware, it seemed to work a little better. almost every time i turn it on now, power will go off, i restart it, someitmes it starts right up, i've also had it do a system repair and also start up in the safe mode. i asked the company i bought it from, and they suggested maybe the sleep button/sensor may be been disturbed upon new installation. they suggested removing the screen and reinstalling. my questions is where would this sleep sensor button be behind the lid when i remove it. or could it be somehting else. just before this happened, i was having a problem shutting down my computer. it would take forever so i would pull the battery to turn it off, then have to go thru safe mode when restarting.
LasVegas (author)  jambalee5 years ago
Wow! It sounds like this computer has a few hardware problems! It's a good possibility that your sleep "sensor" has been disturbed. Most computers use a reed switch to trigger sleep when the lid is opened and closed. This would appear as a tiny magnet located along an edge of the screen's bezel. You can test it by passing anything with a magnet around the edges of the base on either side of the keyboard. I recently discovered my cell phone could trigger it! Locating it and verifying the proper placement of the magnet could cure the problem You may also be able to change the switches function through the BIOS settings (usually F2 during post). That might allow you to disable it.
samygold5 years ago
Thank you for your reply I already connected an external monitor and itworked fine so its definitely the monitor, how can I identify the problem exactly and fix or replace the faulty part? Regrd samy
LasVegas (author)  samygold5 years ago
I'd still be inclined to suspect a bad connection or cable for the display. Before you invest in a new display, go ahead and open it up to check the connections. If it turns out to be the display you can get the part number at that time. Good-luck!
Thank you for your reply , I hope it's a connection problem but if I opened the screen casing wouldnt that void the warranty? I'm puzzled now what to chose? the RMA which it seems unlikeley because I live away from the purchasing place OR fixing the screen my self and vilating the warranty if it's useful>>! Thanks samy
LasVegas (author)  samygold5 years ago
If it's under warranty, then do not pass Go… Send it back! It makes no sense investing time and money on something that they should pay for. There's even a good chance they will replace the computer altogether! LasVegas
samygold5 years ago
I have ASUS G73JH-A1 notebook and after 2 weeks I had an LCD sudden problem which is the screen display divided into 2 parts ;the left side was white with vertical black moving lines and the right side has rainbow t colors image as in these links show : http://j.imagehost.org/0028/DSC04422_600_x_450.jpg http://a.imagehost.org/0443/DSC04424_600_x_450.jpg http://h.imagehost.org/0264/DSC04426_600_x_450.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlZo25aPWps&feature=related Please help me identifying what causes this problem exactly and what to do to fix it? Thank you My best Regards Samy
LasVegas (author)  samygold5 years ago
This could be a connection problem, but I more suspect a failure of your video circuit on your computer's logic board. What happens when you change resolution? How about connecting an external monitor?
Tucuquito25 years ago
Hi, I tried to fix my friend Sony Vaio Vgn-Z590 put new bezel and look great, very expensive by the way" bad news its that I put it back together and now the LCD won't work work, it look cracked on one corner small line and it atent to show something but then it goes gray and nothing comes up, I took it apart several time and tried everything, same results, I checked the LCD on ebay and it cost over $500 it's a rare 13.1" If any body could help me on finding something cheaper, Please help me out!! Oh one more thing there are two contact on the sides by the hinges I try to set them every way possible and nothing if any body knows how they are suppose to be, please, I think it will be cheaper just to loose a friend!! 
ILEDWARDSJR5 years ago
Your instructions were very helpful.  This afternoon I replaced the lcd screen in an IBook G4 (14" mid 2005)  The only snag was that the four screws on the ends of the outside case were #6 Torx screws rather than Allen head screws - fortunately I had a set of small sized Torx screwdrivers.  Otherwise the removal and replacement went through without a hitch.  Thanks again.
pbenson30005 years ago
Hi there:
I have a MacBook Pro, 17 inch and there is a crack at the base of the display housing (the metalic/plastic frame around the screen that houses the LCD, with a hole in it for the camera, and writing MacBook Pro along the base).

Is this replaceable, looks like its held in place by a couple of screws?  Is it worth taking to mac?

jonathon5 years ago
Fantastic! Did it in about an hour. Felt very empowered by this!
JCO725 years ago
The first time I did this was with a Vaio with a bad backlight.  I screwed up the LCD while taking it apart.  I replaced it with the screen from an older vaio with a blown motherboard.  The problem was, the replacement screen/panel was slightly smaller than the original... it didn't fit in the bezel, and the screws didn't fit.

I ended up using hot glue.  Laugh if you will, but it lasted for a few years as a backup, until I tore the screen down to put in on an overhead  projector...
jim-leee5 years ago
Hey, <br />Great tutorial, Replacement was a breeze! ThX! Your tutorial and <a href="http://www.screencountry.com">screencountry</a> online site saved me tons of $$$, their prices cannot possibly be beat! and my HP is on and running like new again! Thanks to you and <a href="http://www.screencountry.com">screencountry</a> once again! Great job guys!
tincup8456 years ago
My ibook screen cracked so I bought a replacement Lcd online and followed online instructions to replace it. Everything seemed to go smoothly while i was doing the repair, but after it was complete, i powered it up and the screen did nothing for about 20 seconds. Then it turned to a dark gray. It stays that way no longer how long i wait. It makes all the right sounds like the start up jingle and everything. can you please help?
LasVegas (author)  tincup8456 years ago
One of the cables are askew. You need to open the computer back up and check every connection. If you can't find the loose connection, disconnect each end of each cable and reconnect it.
Kasm2796 years ago
2 things my laptop looks like thet iBook (if only i had one D:) and(as a future reference) the clock memory and such is called PRAM (perimeter RAM), not CMOS :D
LasVegas (author)  Kasm2796 years ago
Simply semantics. The term "Parameter RAM" is commonly used, even by Apple, for the storage area of system parameters. The type of memory commonly used for this is Static RAM aka, CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) RAM. This allows the data to be retained by a trickle voltage. The clock is actually a separate component or section of that CMOS chip that remains running under the same trickle voltage, thereby keeping accurate time even when the computer is not running.
inrumford6 years ago
Is there a way to tighten the hinges as the lid has a tendency to fall back a little
LasVegas (author)  inrumford6 years ago
On most notebooks, this can be adjusted once access to the hinge mechanism has been acquired. Each manufacturer is going to be different though....
bweezy LasVegas6 years ago
LasVegas, I replaced the LCD on my Compaq Presario A900. The screen works fine, but now windows isn't functioning correctly. It's mostly non-responsive and I can't even get it to shut down on it's own, I have to do a hard reset. Any ideas?
Kasm279 bweezy6 years ago
install linux?
dougworm6 years ago
"LDC" means Ladder Day Computer
ladder? lol
kalizascope6 years ago
So.. just replaced the LCD on my iBook G4 (it got run over by a semi). The install went pretty smoothly.. but when I turned it on - there were multiple images of the desktop on the screen and the right 1/3rd of the screen was black. It would stay on for a minute and then go to sleep (this could be because of battery being low) BUT I'm at a loss of what to do now.. :( Any help would be grrrrreatly appreciated!
LasVegas (author)  kalizascope6 years ago
Run over by a semi! And the only damage was a broken LCD? Now, That's engineering! Verify that the connector isn't plugged in backward or offset by a pin. Fully charge the battery or test it plugged into the power source. There may be some damage to the logic board. Unfortunately, that type of repair is way beyond the scope of this Instructable. I'd have to include quite a bit of complex diagnostics procedures and techniques. Much more than I could put in a single post.
Thanks for the quick reply! I took it to a mac guy here in town and he verified that screencountry.com sent me the wrong screen - and that the going to sleep issue was because the power adapter's pin had broken off inside the computer (I tripped over the cord awhile back.. of course.. ah.. I'm brilliant!) Anyhow - he fixed the whole thing for about the same price I paid for the darn LCD. Niiiiiiice :)
lol, nice
kowshka6 years ago
So I did this and now when i turn the computer on it makes a buzz noise, lights up for a couple of seconds then goes dark. Any suggestions would be great, I am freaking out :(
Kasm279 kowshka6 years ago
your inverrtor for the backlight is no good
jon S6 years ago
This screw has a small washer between it and the tape. Easy to miss.
cablemonkey8 years ago
This is KEY. A screw tray, as well as keeping track of which screws came from where will save your butt when it comes to re-assembly. If you have a disassembly guide, print it, and number each screw size as it comes out. Put a number tag in with the screws. Makes it so much easier, you'll wonder how you managed before. Muffin tins also make great screw trays, as do compartmented trays, like 'tackle' boxes.
I did this replacement a few years ago on my daughter's. I ended up using small Dixie cups and put them 1 inside the other as I moved through the steps. That way if, Heaven forbid, I screwed up and knocked the cups over or off the table I woud only loose 1 cup's worth of screws.
Jwirzarry6 years ago
I installed my new 15.5 LCD. Everything lights up perfectly but the computer is treating it like it is a 13 " monitor everything is smaller and only uses the top left side of the LDC
It must be some settings...Or did it originally have a 13 inch screen?
LasVegas (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
I"m guessing that you installed a higher resolution 15" LCD that the original. The firmware of the computer is setup only for the original screen. I wouldn't know how to change that.
Same resolution. I contacted the vendor and they suggested to reinstall the LCD and that if that didn't work to send it back. (BTW, LDC was a typo) I guess I'll give that a try.
Try Setting the resolution higher, And make sure you have LCD panel expansion turned on in the BIOS.
always a 15 inch.
What is an LDC?
ReCreate6 years ago
If your time got reset you probably have a bad CMOS battery. Also, this would mostly count only for macs, as PC's are built entirely different. On most PC's you don't need to snap anything open, and is held together(generally) with screws...
LasVegas (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
All computers (Mac, PC, Sun, etc) use nvRAM batteries. They may call them by different names and many notebooks only use super caps for the few minutes it takes to replace the notebook's battery. This "battery" keeps the time and basic (CMOS) settings when power is removed. Any major modification, such as replacement of the processor or possibly adding memory, also requires resetting the nvRAM (CMOS) and would reset the date the first time the computer is turned back on.
I wouldn't be too sure on that, i tried. It keeps all of the BIOS(Basic input output system...) settings, Not some.
magfan6 years ago
My screen flickers when I scroll the mouse. Is the screen going bad? What are some of the possible problems. Thanks so much. It's really nice of you to offer all this help to people.
LasVegas (author)  magfan6 years ago
Unlikely. Flickering while scrolling is indicative of video driver problems, or a failing video card/chipset. I'd suggest that you first find and install new drivers for your video card.
Your instructions were so helpful! but we ran into a small issue, when we booted up the Ibook after replacing the screen, it lit up but doesn't show anything from the desktop, its just gray. Any suggestions?
JGwizdz6 years ago
Hi Las Vegas; Well I did everything you said (mine is an HP Pavillion) and while it powers up and shows Windows XP with the flowing status bar - it then goes black and does not refresh to anything. Suggestions?
LasVegas (author)  JGwizdz6 years ago
Start up your computer in Safe mode by pressing F8 during post. When you get it up and running, go to your desktop settings (right click on the desktop and select "properties") and set the screen to a low setting. Restart normally and then set the display to that of the screen. I hope this helps, Las Vegas
osurfc LasVegas6 years ago
Mr Vegas, My LCD went black (you can still see the desktop faintly) on my inspiron 6000 and I want to by the LCD on ebay and replace it myself using your how-to. I found one with the exact same specs but with a slightly lower resolution for very cheap. The manufacturer (dell) is telling me I need to replace the LCD with the same exact LCD or it won't work. Seems to me if the size, bulb, connectors are the same and the only difference is the resolution I should be fine. What's your take? Thanks!
LasVegas (author)  osurfc6 years ago
You display is okay. You've either lost the backlight, the inverter that lights it or the wire that carries the power to it. It's most often the inverter or wire.
osurfc LasVegas6 years ago
I don't believe the replacement LCD comes with a new wire and inverter. Can you order these items seperately? Also, can you please advise on the resolution issue? Thanks!
LasVegas (author)  osurfc6 years ago
No. It doesn't. Those items would be purchased separately and should be attempted before replacing the LCD. The lower resolution would probably be a problem since the firmware expects the higher resolution it may not display at all on your notebook. I wouldn't know how to change the parameters on your notebook to adjust for the different display.
osurfc LasVegas6 years ago
One more thing. The display is fine for about 30 seconds (i.e dell splash screen, windows splash screen and then it fades to black). Would this be furter evidence of the inverter?
LasVegas (author)  osurfc6 years ago
Yes. A bad wire would not work at all. Your inverter is bad.
osurfc LasVegas6 years ago
Well, I got screwed again by a power seller on ebay. I purchased the inverter and installed it today. The machine boots up fine but now the screen is red all over. I checked the part number on the inverter the seller said was compatible with my laptop, however, the part number is different. Has it been your experience that the exact inverter part number is required? The seller states it is compatible, but obviously they could be wrong.
LasVegas (author)  osurfc6 years ago
Hmm... I'd say to check your cables. Back lights use white cold cathode fluorescent bulbs and cannot light red. If it's lighting up, the inverter is working great. It sounds like perhaps your other "data" cable has been pulled so that it's not fully connected on one end or the other.
osurfc LasVegas6 years ago
Man your good. Well that fixed it. Not completely. I reconnected all the wires. It powered up fine. After an hour. The light went out again, back to square one. If I close the laptop and open it again the light sometimes is back on but then it goes out after 10 secs or 2 minutes. I'm wondering if it is the backlight?? I now have a new inverter installed. I don't think I should try to install a new backlight but sending it out is the same cost as a new LCD panel on ebay. Do you think it is the backlight??
osurfc osurfc6 years ago
Also, could there be a short in the wire (on and off with opening/closing)?
LasVegas (author)  osurfc6 years ago
I doubt it. That wouldn't produce the intermittent problem you're having.
LasVegas (author)  osurfc6 years ago
Take a close look at the electrolytic capacitors near where the inverter connects to the logic board. These capacitors (caps) look like cans standing up on the board. The top of the caps should be absolutely flat and clean. A blown cap will be bulged (even slightly) and perhaps have some brown leakage on the top. Replace all that are bulged. Note the stripe on the side. This indicates the negative lead. Be sure to replace with the exact same value (µf), at least the same temperature rating. and you may want to increase the voltage rating (v) to prevent future problems. This information will be on the label. For instance, a bad cap may be labeled "470µf, 25v, 85°C" and could be replaced with "470µf, 35v, 108°C".
osurfc LasVegas6 years ago
Thanks Vegas! I ordered the LCD yesterday and the inverter today! I hope I can send the LCD back... Now, what casino do you recommend on my next visit to LV?? Looking for some omaha and hold'em. HAHA!
mmmmna6 years ago
Excellent work! I just did a few months refurbishing POS displays used on cash registers... a few comments if I may? "LCD panels" are mounted inside the top cover of the laptop and inside LCD monitors, in LCD televisions and so on. Often, you may find the same exact LCD panel used for several very different laptops, but only companies who repair laptops will know the equivalent panels for certain (I don't see anyone on the web that lists any of the interchange data for free). In the opening photo is the comment about 'upper left'. This 'upper left' idea might apply to only that one model of LCD panel, as other displays I've seen have their glass connections along the bottom and the right side (which should make the lower right a more accurate statement for THOSE panels). I'd suggest that the statement might be better off made as 'if only one corner is working...'. Re-establishing any RF connection (the shielding, etc) will be important because without it, there could be radio frequency disturbances that are otherwise quieted by the shielding as it was installed by the manufacturer. If you defeat some part of the shielding assembly, you may now have created something that disrupts wireless communications (the laptop you just fixed is usually the closest thing to be bothered by any missing or damaged shielding). A digital camera would be VERY useful for photographing the disassembly part. I used one where I worked, to do this very job.
katma1366 years ago
absolutely awesome! a note i would like to add - sometimes when you buy a screen they send you an extra backlight inverter. i just kept the old one and will try to sell the extra one on ebay or something :) thank you!
peterhop6 years ago
I have a Chi Mei CMV736A (Model A170E2-T08), 17 inch LCD monitor which during a move appears to have been impacted by an object. When turned on the screen goes milky white and there is a small star shaped mark in one section of the screen which I assume was the impact point. I believe from this that the LCD panel is damaged? From a web search seems replacement screens seem unobtainable. How compatible are other 17 inch screens?
LasVegas (author)  peterhop6 years ago
You can't just grab any old LCD display and plug it in. It has to meet the same specs and pinout as the current display. Unfortunately, you'll probably not find a replacement LCD for much less than buying a new display. You can save a lot of money replacing the LCD in a $1-3K computer. Not so much with a ~$200 monitor.
galaxycomp6 years ago
I bought it at www.nylaptopparts.com, great prices , great service , followed the instructions and wallah , back in business. Thanks you guys are GREEEEEEEEEEEEAT , Thanks a ton.
UHHHHHHHH........ Im lost... :(
irnotdum6 years ago
Great instructions, however...prior to replacing broken display I could see desktop/icons..just cracked. After replacing display all I get is backlight. Thinking it was a bad display I replaced it with the old cracked one. Now the old cracked one only displays backlight. Any suggestions? Thanx-Cheryl
rbackhaus6 years ago
i have an acer aspire 5610z laptop,......i .cant get the lcd monitor to lighten up,......in strong sunlight i can seethe icons and task bars and the computer runs fine,......is the lcd broken or is something else wrong,.....
LasVegas (author)  rbackhaus6 years ago
Either your backlight or the "inverter" (power supply) for it has failed. I would try replacing the inverter first since it's much less expensive than replacing the LCD unit (the backlight is integrated in the LCD).
Hi LasVegas, I have a acer aspire 5610Z also. with dim screen. I have replaced the inverter - didn't work then replaced the backlight, made a mess of that so I bought a new lcd. still same problem, dim screen. everything else is fine. I saw a recommendation to check the lcd cable connections but can't seem to figure out how to get into the case... any other ideas?
so I did figure out how to get to the cable, and it appeared fine, i did reseat it but that didn't help either. I'm only computer literate enough to be dangerous... could there be a software or OS issue? I have retrieved all my important data and could really do anything at this point...
melodisea6 years ago
Do you know anything about hinge replacement for the iBook G4? I just dropped the puter and the screen still works... I like your rundown, I'll probably go ahead and open it up to see what's going on more clearly with the broken hinge but I'd like to know if it's even possible to replace or fix the hinge... :) thanks.
LasVegas (author)  melodisea6 years ago
The upper hinge includes the brace for the LCD. The procedure is much the same (but with a bit more disassembly). I recommend that you go over to iFixIt for step by step instructions to disassemble your G4.
Thanks Las Vegas I'll check it out...
OH MAN! U make it look so easy!! I dunno if im gonna be able to do it ! i just dont have the extra 200 bucks to take it in! Wish me luck.. lol
royala6 years ago
thanks for the nice tutorial, my friend brought a new lcd screen from http://www.yallstore.com/laptop-notebook-lcd-screen-c-720_980.html, and he did it himself successfully.
f_m6 years ago
Very helpful.
hermie2u6 years ago
Hi Boss, my Compaq Presario R3000 has fading colours on the right hand side and resolution is poor also on the right. Is this an LCD problem? I opened it and checked the wires and didn't seem to fix it, please advise.
via21086 years ago
my compaq presario laptop screen broke...its all shattred. can i replace w/ any other compaq laptop screen, as long as its the same size?
LasVegas (author)  via21086 years ago
No… Compaq, like all other computer manufacturers, use LCDs most suited and available at the time of the model's manufacture. You will have to find a match to the LCD as described in the article.
I would like to let you know how much I appreciate this tutorial. My problem however is currently diagnosing what is wrong... The screen of my friends toshiba satellite changes shades of color, going from "normal" to pink... do I need to replace the lcd or is this just a loose cable?
LasVegas (author)  rfvedcwsxqaz6 years ago
This could be a loose cable, a power supply issue or the display chip. It's unlikely your problem is the LCD panel.
to further clarify: the whole screen gets a pinkish tinge, but one can still see windows, icons, etc.
dashney157 years ago
hi, Im having a problem about my laptop sony vaio vgn-cr220e..the lcd is broken and when u turned it on you'll see a crack on the lcd and lots of kinda like black ink on it..i only see 1/4 of the screen..what should i do..please help..thank you..
LasVegas (author)  dashney157 years ago
Your only option is to replace the LCD. Sorry. LasVegas
srenshaw7 years ago
hi, i am having a problem with my lcd screen but i am not sure if it is due to a loose wire or that my lcd screen is just going bad. it is an apple powerbook g4. at the bottom of the screen there is about a 2 inch wide band that crosses the screen and sort of vibrates what is on the screen - it is still visible just sort of vibrates like its being electrocuted a little. Any clue as to whether this is something I can fix or do I probably need a whole new lcd screen??? thanks
LasVegas (author)  srenshaw7 years ago
Your symptoms indicate that moisture has penetrated into your LCD electronics, loosing the electrical contact between the driver board and the LCD itself. I would prepare to replace the LCD, but try to clean the contacts between the flexible cable and the LCD. This would require removing part of the mylar tape surrounding the LCD and replacing it afterward. The tapes very important to seal the package from most moisture. Again, there's a very good chance this process will fail, so prepare to replace the LCD assembly.
srenshaw7 years ago
forgot to say that the waivering band comes and goes - for some reason it seems to help when I apply pressure to the outer edges of the screen. it acts up mostly once i open my computer.
hey las Vegas, I have just replaced my screen on my HP Pavilion DV2200, but there is no image coming across the screen, although there is a backlight. any advice? Thanks, Andrew
LasVegas (author)  ablanchette347 years ago
First, verify that the connector on the back of the LCD display did not get pulled loose. Is the display an exact replacement for the original?
jire1237 years ago
hi, i am a student and i broke my lcd screen, i thinkits toshiba satellite A105-S4384, i can start it but there is kind of crack from inside and its black in specific portion. is it the same process as u have shown above?? or there is another way to do it?? egarly waiting for ur reply. thank you
LasVegas (author)  jire1237 years ago
It's pretty much the same process for any laptop. You will have to determine how to remove the LCD bezel and determine the model and brand of LCD. Then locate a compatible display to replace it with. Most Intel computers have much simpler routing of the LCD's wires than the Macs, making the process a bit easier.
cellobob7 years ago
Hey Las Vegas thanks! I am so glad to have found this info, it has saved me time and money. So easy, never thought it would be.
I am absolutely SHOCKED at how easy this was!!! I had bookmarked this page several months ago, purchased the new LCD and let it sit in the closet. Today I decided to just go for it. I had taken the time to collect all the right tools, as well which made the job a WHOLE lot easier. The computer is updating as I type this. This saved me hundreds of dollars. Thanks, very well written instructions!
LasVegas (author)  mrsgadget7 years ago
I'm very glad it was of help! :)
blueIblack7 years ago
I have an IBM T41 that my cat knocked over. Now the bottom third of the screen has colored vertical lines with no image. I assume this lcd is fried since when I take a 'screen shot' the full image is captured. does anyone know what causes these lines and can it be fixed?
snooter7 years ago
Here's a solution for all the Mac OS X users out there who are experiencing the 'missing brightness controls' problem. Point your browser at http://www.charcoaldesign.co.uk/shades
download the nifty 'Shades' app. Once installed, a new slider appears at the top of the screen allowing you to control brightness again. Please support the folks who wrote this little App for us!!
annasjb7 years ago
Hey Las Vegas, I noticed it has been a while since the last post, however I have a problem. It seems as if the LCD screen of my laptop broke (it looks like a broken mirror).I've been surfing a while on the net to find solutions. Anyway i was wondering, i still have a relatively new laptop which broke down as well. The screen should work of that old laptop however, so I was wondering, can I replace the broken LCD screen with the screen of the old laptop even if it is a different brand. I hope that it is possible because it would be costsaving!!!The screens are of the same size. Please help, I'm desperate

You will have to take the 2 apart and compare them... including the electrical specs on the labels.

This is a very valuable instructable, I'm recommending it to my nephew who just ran into this problem. Could easily save hundred$ of dollar$.

Thanks for the thorough instructions.
I recently bought a new LCD screen for my HP laptop, replaced the broken one, everything OK. Couple of months later the HP motherboard died. I have a Sony Vaio I really like with a broken screen (not very lucky with screens). Would it be possible to adapt the (expensive) HP screen to the Vaio? Thanks a lot.
sjohnson6967 years ago
My daughter bent the screen of her laptop all the way back so that the entire thing laid completely flat. The screen now has functionality in the top left corner only and black crooked circles, lines (which resemble cracks), and some rainbow colored stuff everywhere else. Does the lcd need to be replaced? If so, can I use a different brand?
LasVegas (author)  sjohnson6967 years ago
You will need to replace both the LCD screen and the hinge assembly that attaches to the LCD. Depending on the manufacturer of your laptop, these could be easy or difficult to locate. I suggest searching eBay first.
where can i buy an lcd screen for my laptop? its an hp and the screen broke!! where can i buy a screen?
LasVegas (author)  taz_ofda_3107 years ago
You'll need to remove the screen from your HP and determine the manufacturer's part number. Search for that number on eBay or Google for a replacement. There are likely other manufacturers of a compatible screen to your HP. They will have very similar part numbers.
tatagatha7 years ago
Oh yes! I pulled my computer off my desk in a fit of lesser thinking. I was able to successfully replace my screen. The colors are a bit weird, but I think it just requires a new driver or something.
embreitko7 years ago
I have an ibook G4 and thinking about replacing my inverter cable on my own. But honestly, I don't even know if that's the issue. It might be the logic board, or something else I can't seem to find on message boards. Here's the issue: Installed a new LCD, it worked for a week until the backlight died. The Brightness controls have no control over the screen whatsoever (even at the lowest, it doesn't go black). I can see it fine with a light behind it, but it's getting annoying. I tried resetting the PRAM, and all those things. I also installed a new inverter board, but to no avail. Any advice or suggested diagnoses?
Thanks a lot for this. I thought my laptop was gone forever. If you take the picture of the cracked screen farther up, and switch the ratio of good and bad areas, you have my laptop screen. I got so bored of not having my laptop, I went through the trouble one day to hook it up to my TV so I could get some files off that I needed, only to realize that for some reason Norton had a stroke and decided that my System32 folder was corrupt, and deleted about half the stuff in it. So, I formatted the drive and installed Ubuntu (Linux) and it works great, but since the computer was built fro XP, the wireless card won't work for Linux, so I have no internet.
Any way I can fix this?
craig-h7 years ago
Hi, I have a broken LCD for my Acer Aspire 5611AWLMi. When looking round for the specification for my LCD screen, i saw that it was a 15.4" WXGA Acer Crystalbrite colour TFT LCD. Is this what I should search ebay for or will it be more specific? Thanks
great instructions, thanks! i have a g4 ibook 1.42 with the 30 pin connector. i replaced the lcd and it works fine, but now i've lost brightness control. is there a workaround? thanks again!
Hamptongirl7 years ago
I have a dell inspiron 6000. My screen is not cracked but it is going bad because I can only see half of the screen the other half is black. Can I follow these same instructions to replace my LCD screen?
LasVegas (author)  Hamptongirl7 years ago
If the problem is, in fact the LCD. Your problem could also be the drivers for the display. Usually if you squeeze the edges where the display is blank, the blank area may flicker. If it does, the problem is the LCD and you can replace it this way. It could also be simply a loose connector. Try opening up the display and test connections first.
I am replacing a sony vaio LCD screen and do you know where to find the screws and does the rest of it work the same exact way? ALso, Is there a cheaper place to buy an LCD screen other than directly from Sony? and thanks for having your site
sheshe214887 years ago
does repairing a screen for an acer follow the same rules. if so this would be great help. and save me so much money instead of buying a new laptop. but my screen cracking is rather extensive there is one that covers 2 spots on the rights. but two long lines extend the entire width of the computer on the top and bottom is it even worth repairing thanks for the help if you can
LasVegas (author)  sheshe214887 years ago
Absolutely! In all likelihood, you'll find the screws under square rubber covers. Carefully place these rubber pieces, adhesive down on some plastic wrap to protect them. Get the part number from the back of the screen and search eBay for it. Likely you'll find it quite inexpensive.
ok. I will do that. thanks for your help. hopefully this will work out fine
I have a Gateway MT3423. I just replaced the lcd screen (mine was cracked). Before I replaced it, I hooked my laptop up to an external monitor and I could work that way - everything fine. Now, when I power on the laptop the screen just stays white. I can hear the welcome screen but no picture. Please help!!
drtuto7 years ago
Hey I have the same 12" G4 PB screen problem. I bought an ltn121x1-l02 on EBAY because it seemed all the info implied this was what I needed. BUT then I open my computer and it has an LP121X04. The only difference seems to be the length of a pair of wires coming from the lower right corner- 1.5" shorter, about. I do electronics, so I am going to clip, resolder, shrinktube and install this monitor. Hopefully it works, I will post if it does...
jhny127 years ago
I have an ibook G4 14" 933mhz with a cracked screen. I have been looking on ebay for a "repair" ibook that still has a good screen I could use as a replacement in my ibook. I have found a few but they are not 933mhz, and I don't think a screen from another ibook that's not 933mhz(all else being the same 14" G4) will work? Is this right? Thanks
LasVegas (author)  jhny127 years ago
There's no difference between the screens. They would work fine.
squeaky287 years ago
Help! I have a Gateway Notebook and have only had it for about 5 months. The lcd screen is cracked on it and now I can't see anything. I can't afford to buy another laptop anytime soon, but I use this for my business. Can I save my laptop and just replace the lcd? Is it worth just buying another laptop? What's the best way around this?
LasVegas (author)  squeaky287 years ago
It's no more difficult to replace an LCD on a Gateway laptop than a Mac. Do your research and find the appropriate LCD display for your model. You should be able to find a reasonably priced replacement online.
I have an Apple ibook G4 and the LCD screen just went out on it. I tried turning it on and plugging it in but the chime did not start on it. It is making a static noise (???) I was going to get it fixed but they told me it was going to be over $300 dollars (too expensive). Is there something that can save my laptop or is it just hopeless? If it is hopeless where would I sell the used parts to? Someone please help me with my dilemma.
LasVegas (author)  kellbell81227 years ago
Your problem is not your screen. Something else is preventing the computer from starting up. I'd suggest you first try doing a PMU (Power Management Unit) reset. The specific instructions for doing this on your Mac can be found on Apple's Support page. $300 is not an unreasonable price to repair a good computer. I expect if there is a hardware problem that it would be somewhat more than that though.
nml0897 years ago
Hi, I need some help! I recently spilled rubbing alcohol on my laptop (don't ask...) and its working fine now--except the lcd has dark "stains" on it where the color isn't as bright from the water. It's useable but I think I'm going to need to replace the lcd. I'm not COMPLETELY technically-challenged... but i've never taken any kind of computer apart before. is it a bad idea for me to try to install it myself? I have applecare but I don't want to bring it in to have my warranty voided because of accidental damage (is there any way these water spots could be blamed on anything else?) also the computer still won't run off the battery. it doesn't recognize it so i have to use the a/c adapter. any idea if this can be fixed/how?
LasVegas (author)  nml0897 years ago
As to the display... It can be fixed. First you need to acquire some good mylar tape. The LCD assembly has to be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. If you look at the photos of the display, you'll see the tape around the edges. Remove this and the many sheets that make up the display come apart. Just be sure to remember the order so they go back together the same way. You'll need new tape to reseal the display when you're done. The power supply is a seperate and real problem... Was this problem caused by the rubbing alcohol incident? If not, it should be covered by your Applecare service agreement.
supakooks7 years ago
Are the iBook G4 14.1 screens glued in or can I replace it with the steps oulined? It's the white carbonite casing. Also, the cracks have bleed out purple blood-stuffs and I think it has gotten onto the front clear sheath, does the purple wipe off the inside of the sheath okay,..or leave marks? If I need to get a new front sheath thing, what is it called and are these replaceable?
LasVegas (author)  supakooks7 years ago
The iBook G4 should work much as outlined here. The LCD display includes the front plastic protective covering (as well as a couple of polarized sheets between) in an enclosed package (this keeps the dust out). You will replace the entire unit as one piece.
Sorry to be redundant, I had read the other comments about G4's but I wasn't sure if the larger screen size had a different construction. Thank you LasVegas for your knowledge and experience. It's very much appreciated before I spank down my hard earned cash and embark on the unknown adventure. :)
heart23ao7 years ago
Yes, I have a Acer Aspire 5050, with a cracked screen. If i were to buy a brand new screen the whole shabang how hard would it be to replace it? And what would I need (tools etc..) to do this?
LasVegas (author)  heart23ao7 years ago
If you look around the bezel, I'm sure you'll find four little round plugs. These cover the screws holding the bezel together. It should be quite easy to replace once you locate the screws.
Oh, please help me! I'm so terrified and have no idea about computers. I have a PowerBook G4, and my LCD is cracked. My pixels are slowly dying near the beginning of the crack and I have NO idea what to do!! Soon i'm afraid all of my pixels will die and I will have no computer! I am a poor college student and I have no idea how to work computers. The crack isn't even physical, it feels fine and smooth. I'm worried it's internal, what if I can't fix it? Oh I'm so terrified. Please help!! cocolapop@yahoo.com
LasVegas (author)  exhaledeeply7 years ago
I wish I could make it easier for you. The Aluminum G4's screen is epoxied into the bezel. This would be very difficult to remove and replace without the proper tools. I suggest searching eBay for a complete screen and bezel for your computer. The disassembly/assembly instructions at iFixIt would make short work of exchanging the cover.

BTW: The glass in your screen is under a protective plastic screen/filter. This is why you can't feel the crack. There is no fix for this type of damage other than replacement.
m4lte8 years ago
I have a broken screen on my iBook G4, 1.33 Ghz, 12.1" and I'm looking for a replacement. Looking around for replacements I got confused. Some people offer LCDs that work for ibook G3 and G4. like this one:
Are these third party screens that fit both iBooks?
Is there a difference in the LCDs of the G4 1.33 Ghz and older versions of the G4? Can I determine compatibility without looking at the display's part number, because many people don't state it when selling used displays.
LasVegas (author)  m4lte8 years ago
He does, in fact give the part number in text as well as the 3rd picture. IAXG01A. You should remove the cover on your iBook and compare the part number as well as the look of the back of the screen.
iBookdude8 years ago
Hi, This is a great DIY piece. I have one question. The latch clasp on my friend's iBook is broken and I can get a new bezel (with clasp). I think it's a similar process. From your experience here, would I have to follow through remove all the connectors, etc. first to get to the part where the bezel attaches to the hinge? Then I would remove the 2 screws that affixes the bezel the hinge and be done with the replacement, right? Thanks in advance,
LasVegas (author)  iBookdude8 years ago
Absolutely. Just take your time and make sure that all the wires are in the right place. The wires are easily pinched.
asica8 years ago
Hi, I'm new here;-)
I just cracked the screen on my MacBook. In the research on finding a replacement screen, I read that it's crucial to take the screen apart and find a specific manufacturer's part number before ordering a new one. Does that mean that if I look for a 13" MacBook screen, I might still end up getting a wrong one? I don't quite get it, don't they have the same parts for the specific model? I don't really want to take this thing apart and then have it sitting and collecting dust until the new screen shows up. Putting it together only to take it apart again also makes little sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, someone was asking earlier about instructions on how to take the MacBook screen apart. I found some here:

Thanks for your help,
LasVegas (author)  asica8 years ago
So far, Apple has used only one type (perhaps different manufacturers though) of LCD screen in the 13.3" MacBooks. You should be okay as long as the screen is specific for the MacBook. Do compare part numbers though... Just to make sure the source didn't send you an iBook screen by accident. Likely, if the connector is the same, it will work.

Shop around for that screen. They're charging $375... [http://www.pbparts.com/shop.php//m13glcd.html PBParts.com] has it for $299. You may find them even cheaper elsewhere.
asica LasVegas8 years ago
Thanks a bunch Vegas ;-)
bogobutt8 years ago
I have a macbook core duo 1.8 Ghz, and my 13.3" screen is unfortunately cracked. I was wondering if it is compatible with all other macbooks 13.3" screens. Does anyone know? Cheers
LasVegas (author)  bogobutt8 years ago
Unfortunately, no. The MacBook has a screen that was exclusively chosen for it. You'll have to search for MacBook screens and at this time, they'll be rather expensive because of the low demand.

The first thing you want to do is figure out how it cracked. Was is through normal use? If so, Apple may replace it under AppleCare. If it was obviously through an accident or abuse, you'll need to pay to replace it. There is good news though. [http://www.pbparts.com/shop.php//m13glcd.html PBParts] actually has the screen for $299US. Yea... A bit pricey, but a lot cheaper than a new MacBook.
tronkyman8 years ago
My Laptop, started displaying green pixels/dots all over the screen. Is this sign of LCD burnout? What should I do? Btw, it's a Toshiba satellite, thanks for any help
LasVegas (author)  tronkyman8 years ago
Are the pixels flashing or solid? In other words, when a pixel turns green, does it stay that way for good or does it correct itself and others appear elsewhere?
I have a MacBook and I've been having the same problem with little green pixels/dots appearing all over the screen. I haven't done anything to my computer and I even reinstalled the entire OSX operating system, but nothing seems to help. The pixels sometimes correct themselves on good days, and also if I adjust the angle of the screen by pushing it back and forth a few times. However, the green dots always return. Do you have any idea what's wrong? Thanks for the help.
LasVegas (author)  littlestar3088 years ago
Artifacts like this are often caused in an iBook screen by loosened connectors internally. Since the case is plastic, picking up the computer by one edge while the lid is open tends to flex the internals slightly. Over time, this can lossen one or more connectors.

If you were to follow the disassembly instructions at iFixIt for your specific Mac, and reseat all internal connectors, you should be able to fix it yourself at no cost.
Thanks so much! This site is amazing. :)
Hi, I have i a broken laptop, i would to know if it's possible to use his screen with a desktop cpu, use it like a flat screen. Thanks for your help or ideas. Dim
LasVegas (author)  dimitri2038 years ago
Not practically. You'd have to find the VGA/DMA adapter for that specific screen, if one exists (unlikely) or build/adapt one. At the prices of flat screens today, it would be cheaper to just buy an inexpensive one.
mr.miles8 years ago
I did a macbook lcd repair *without* taking apart the lower half. It took less than an hour, and from what I saw taking apart a powerbook 12", the same method applies there as well. it's not an instructable, it's just a blog post, but it could save you a lot of time if you are willing to solder.
check 'er out:
LasVegas (author)  mr.miles8 years ago
In this case I also had no reason to disassemble the lower case. The last one I repaired also had a broken hinge assembly which required a full disassembly!
SHANCORE8 years ago
I replaced the inverter on my ibook but my screen still does not light up. what other part(s) might it be?
LasVegas (author)  SHANCORE8 years ago
First reset the PMU: With power off, hold Shift-Control-Option and press and release the power button. Wait 5 seconds for it to complete. Then Boot into Open Firmware: Starting and hold Command-Option-O-F If the screen doesn't light up at this time, the backlight itself may be blown. If it does light up, reset your NVRam by entering the following commands following each by Return: set-defaults reset-nvram reset-all If you got this far, you should be back in business.
my screen still doesn't light up. should i look for a backlight? or should i maybe replace the inverter cable? i'm having trouble finding a replacement backlight
Try CCFLdirect.com I'm shopping around for a CCFL for my laptop and they seem to have the best price.
LasVegas (author)  SHANCORE8 years ago
You could buz out the cable (check it with an ohm meter). If the cable's okay, you'll need to replace the entire LCD panel. The backlight is integrated with it.
I broke my macbook screen.. i have no idea what to do.. but there's also damage to the optical drive.. i can stick a cd into the drive. It physcially won't go in. I want to send it to apple.. but the broken screen isn't covered in the warranty. Plus, if i bought a new screen, i wouldn't know what to do with it.
LasVegas (author)  abhishake8 years ago
The display disassembly shouldn't be too dissimilar to this. Although locating a replacement screen may be more difficult. If you can't find a replacement on eBay, check with iFixIt or PBParts.

If you're uncomfortable installing it yourself, either of the above companies will install it for you.

If your optical drive is damaged for the same reason that your display is cracked, Apple won't cover it under warranty either.
I have a 12" iBook G4, and I want to replace the screen, but I don't know what my screen's model number is. Do I need to open my computer to find it, or do all iBook G4 models have the same model number for the screen?
Yes, you need to open the computer and get the OEM off the back of the laptop screen. Once you get that, contact a company like http://www.screentekinc.com and see if they have your screen. Apple will charge you about $600 more than ScreenTek will.

LasVegas (author)  LogicalDifference8 years ago
Most sources of LCD screens identify them by which computer(s) they work with. There are various manufacturers with compatible models. If you're using eBay, simply search for your specific criteria, 12" iBook G4 (LCD,display,cover) The words in parenthesis indicate an OR search within the AND search.
RageGurl8 years ago
Green and black dots have appeared on my screen, its almost like they are twinkling. There are confined to one area of my screen. What do you think it is?
LasVegas (author)  RageGurl8 years ago
Artifacts such as you're experiencing are usually be attributed to video RAM. Is it worse or better when the computer is cold? Is the computer under warranty?
Dragona8 years ago
"That LCD should work in a 12" iBook"* *You meant my powerbook right? Thanks a Lot! Congratulations about this tutorial and thanks for also DVRFlash, this great stuff makes you legendary!
LasVegas (author)  Dragona8 years ago
Yes. It should also work in the 12" G4 PB.
Dragona8 years ago
Hi, A very essential question please: As the powerbook 12" 867 mounts the old LCD you replaced (lp121x04). Do you think i can mount the LTN121X1-L02 on my powerbook. Thanks so much!
LasVegas (author)  Dragona8 years ago
See my answer above... Sorry, Instructables made me sign in to reply and put my reply as a new comment.
LasVegas (author) 8 years ago
As long as you verify that the screen is, in fact, compatible with your computer. The key difference in modern notebooks is that the connectors match and are close to the same locations. Yes. That LCD should work in a 12" iBook.
JLi218 years ago
So I recently replaced a cracked screen on my Dell inspiron 9300 -- I ordered the exact same screen for replacement. However after installation i noticed that on the top part of the screen theres a part that always gets "squeezed" tightly (like when you poke a LCD) , I've loosened all the screws and it seems it doesn't do it only when I use 1 screw to secure it, anything more and it does the pressure mark thing, any suggestions/help/fixes? thanky <3
LasVegas (author)  JLi218 years ago
Disassemble the frame and check everything. Look for paths for the wires to follow that if not used may put too much stress on the LCD itself. Look for bits of plastic that my have fallen in the wrong place. If the LCD is an exact replacement, the frame was designed to hold it correctly and tight.
Coopb8 years ago
Thanks for the tutorial on LCD replacement. I have an ibook G4 12" 1.2ghz with cracked screen. I have been looking on e-bay for replacement and see a number of them for sale. My problem is that I'm not sure if the ones I see are compatible with mine. My LCD part number is LP121X04 (C2)(K2) but there are ones for sale that are similar with the exception of the (K2). There are others made by Samsung such as LTN121X1-L02. How do I know if they will work with mine. I've looked allover the internet to find out about compatiable screens but can't seem to find any information about whether they will work on my laptop or not. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
pleisme Coopb8 years ago
Hello Coopb, My name is Patti and I'm dealing with the same prob. i have a ibook g4 a1055 and i have no clue what replacement would be compatible. please help! if u know where i could find 1 i would really appreciate it. thank you so much
LasVegas (author)  Coopb8 years ago
The K2 is unimportant. If the model number is right, or it's listed as compatible with your G4, you should be save. Verify that the connectors are the same an in the same location. You should be okay.
wow this could save me money but does it cost more than 100$? cuz then i can just turn it into my school lol
Yesterday I had to clean up dust from the INSIDE of my Dell Latitude LCD screen. Somehow it got beneath the LCD surface and was very visible on a white background. I had to open up the screen itself and remove it. Here are my steps:
LasVegas (author)  Laptop Freak8 years ago
Funny... I've got the exact same problem with my MacBook Pro! Fortunately, I also have full Applecare that should cover the repair. This situation should never happen! The LCD screen, defuser sheets, glass & backlight are supposed to be sealed together with tape. Obviously, some LCD makers are screwing up on this sealing process though.
radiorental8 years ago
A tip on deconstructing your laptop. Most popular laptops, including all MACs, have service manuals online. These manuals have detailed step by step instructions. Print out the revelent section from the manual. Lay the pages out on an open table. Follow the instructions and where you remove a screw or clip, place it on to the step/photo on the page. When you need to reverse the deconstruction to re-construction you can trace your steps backwards, picking up the right sized screw for the correct hole. I know the macs have a lot of similar screws of varying length, one wrong step and you'll cause a lot of damage
LasVegas (author)  radiorental8 years ago
Most online manuals do not include details about the removal of LCDs. Macs are referred to with lower case letters, MACs are 12 digit codes representing an ethernet connection.
Mac refers to a computer. MAC is a cosmetics company
cablemonkey8 years ago
Hah! I love that the inverter plug is labelled NFG.
tcabeen8 years ago
The screen went out on my G3 iBook, but it's not cracked. Just black. I am guessing it's the backlight, but was too intimidated to take it apart and find out. With your instructable, I'm feeling a bit more confident. I think I'll go do some research. Thanks!
r u sure that the logic board didnt go try to go here
LasVegas (author)  icanryme20028 years ago
No. That bug does not cause the backlight to shut off. It messes up the displayed data.
LasVegas (author)  tcabeen8 years ago
Usually, when the backlight goes out (especially if it started dimming first), it's the inverter board (That long board under the display that the backlight plugs into.). It also easy to replace and only about $20 on Ebay. Just make sure you get the version for your specific iBook.
You could also use som Ultrawhite leds to make your laptop battery last abit longer :)
LasVegas (author)  Brother_Bear8 years ago
Ultrawhite LEDs to replace the backlight? I don't think so... Perhaps with a bit of work, one might be able to get it to work with a couple dozen of them, considering there's space in the cover to hold them all. This would end up costing much more than the <$20 cost of the inverter board also. Even then, the brightness wouldn't be consistent and it would likely use even more battery power than the plasma backlight. There's a reason this is not done. If it were practical, I can assure you, they'd be doing it.
Its easily done with smaller TFTs like those in PDAs and such som why not in a laptop. ANd there is another reason they dont do it because it makes the purchase of extra batterys redundant.
LasVegas (author)  Brother_Bear8 years ago
They don't do it because the LEDs would not be bright enough for any larger than a 4" display. And, as I said before, when the fix is less that $20, why modify to such a degree?
I've read speculations that both Apple and HP are going to release laptops with LED backlit displays, but you know how trustworthy speculation is... :) Anyway, I'll check this out. When I have time... If I give it a shot, I'll make an instructable about it. Thanks for the tips!
Oddly enough, Brightside technologies has the patent on LED backlit displays. http://www.brightsidetech.com
They've got a really nifty High Dynamic Range Technology, but for now they are licensing the technology to other companies. So not violating their patent is why there are currently no LED backlit displays.
Well the fix might be 20$ in the US but not in Europe. :)
LasVegas (author)  Brother_Bear8 years ago
You're right. In Europe, a replacement inverter through Ebay would cost between £3.57 ($6.99) and £30 ($58.84). Still much less than retrofitting the laptop to use LEDs instead.
Ok I am a big enough man to admit when iam possibly in the wrong but if you have a spare laptop and som leds youre not using it might be something worth to tinker with right?
theHankster8 years ago
Nice instructable! I've done this twice with the last one being just two weeks ago... Didn't even cross my mind to document it for an instructable... Oh well, next project, right? BTW, with a little digging on the web you can quite often find some help on the correct process of disassembling your laptop without breaking anything. Like, is that little panel above the keyboard really supposed to just pop off? :-)
mrmath8 years ago
I've never done anything like this on a laptop before, but when I'm working on my desktop, I always test before reassembly. I hate to find out I did something wrong after I've replaced all the cover screws and what not. Is it possible to do that with this process?
LasVegas (author)  mrmath8 years ago
Absolutely. You could test before reassembly. This isn't a lot of work to pull the four screws and unsnap again though. I've found that any problems with this particular process is usually caused by pinched wired during reassembly. I guess it would prove the LCD is in good shape before doing the rest of the work.