Picture of DIY  Efficient Laser Target Sighter
This is a fast Instructable where you can use any laser pointer for your .22 Caliber Gun or any other long barreled hand guns or rifle not higher than .22. Or for all of those AEG (Airsofters out there)

Materials Needed:
Your gun of course. mine was a Taurus Model 970 Taurus USA

8" Black Multi Color Wraps Strap from [http://www.radioshack.com Radioshack] Product Catalog 278-1676 $2.99
or any strap you can get/find.

35mW Green Laser pointer from techlasers.com $99 Infiniti Green Laser Pointer

You can get the higher wattage version from their site. The higher the wattage the meaner the pointer in looks.

Step 1: Of course you need the laser I bought mine from techlasers

Picture of Of course you need the laser I bought mine from techlasers
This is my laser I bought from techlasers.com infiniti 35mw hehehe, first I removed the gold leaf pen holder. For the switch you can remove the laser case and make the contact to always on by covering it with aluminum foil, be very careful with this because it might damage the switch permanently and void the warranty if its new, or you can use a black electrical tape wrap around the switch.
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nice but wodent the shock wave from the gun going off break the laser my suggestion is get a stronger laser pointer
stg.badass4 years ago
Nice job
In case this hasn't been said yet. High powered lasers like the one shown in this instructable are VERY dangerous. You can easily blind someone with it. 35mW is overkill for a laser sight. I haven't seen any professional laser sights over 5mW

Have fun with your lasers and be safe
I totally agree, dangerous for air-soft, paint-ball...
but if you were pointing a real gun at an intruder/robber/murderer/etc... I doubt you would be worried about their eyesight for after you shoot them...
I still wouldn't be inclined to use a high powered laser. 5mw is more than enough for home defense. If you end up not killing the robber, you run the risk of getting sued. Also, you run the risk of accidentally blinding an innocent bystander. There is also the risk of the laser bouncing off something and hitting you in the eyes. The robber could have a shiny button on their shirt, or a shiny necklace. The risks of using a high power laser outweigh any possible advantage. I am also not sure what advantages you would get from a high power laser.
Accepted, and nice name "purplemutant" - "Purple Guy"...
Title could be somewhat misleading, I thought you were going to assemble a laser sighter, not strap it to a gun.
Seconded. If you need instructions to do this, you shouldn't be trusted with any type of gun.
brentgmz (author)  Sergeant Crayon7 years ago
hahahah instructables are made by everyday objects so be kind, its my first instructables. Next I will make a better instructables
ac1D7 years ago
nice, but why not use a 1$ laser?
yobwoc ac1D5 years ago
because someting that cheap probably wont be visible in the day. plus green lasers are easier to see because less of the light is out of the visible spectrum. but green laser pointers rarely come at a 20 dollars, not to mention 1.
You can find $20 (and less) 5mw green laser pointers on ebay
brentgmz (author)  ac1D6 years ago
Well I already owned that laser I used for my starpointing I just try to make something out of it for I get bored pointing the laser nightly and 1$ ebaysers is not good and dangerous because they do not have ir filter.
ac1D brentgmz5 years ago
www.dealextreme.com 10$ 5mw green totally overpowered at least 50mw(they pop ballon)
Proof they dont have ir filter? old model did not had, now they do.
daanyaal5 years ago
that looks great
jimmy dean5 years ago
That might work well at very very close range, but since that isn't adjustab;e for windage/elevation, it doesn't seem like it would work for anything past maybe 10 yards. Also, even if you were to position it right, since it's held on by straps, if you were to shoot anything with recoil it would knock it off target.
Gage9875 years ago
looks cool and i like your gun
Catmandoo5 years ago
Take a look at this laser, I own two of them. They both read over 20Mw on the laser meter and work wonderfully. Yes, I know that they wil not ship to the USA but that is what friends out of the country are for ;)

Try this if you feel like making you're own bore sighter.
Oh cool, you want to warn your target before you shoot, its a interesting way to fail. ;-) Joke aside, the laserpointer is useless. Every Sniper know that every Projectile will be influenced by the gravity, so why do you think that the laser pointer is a exact method to target a subject? Is a Bullet a lightray for you? And what is with the heat of the muzzle flashes? Is that all, a good Idea and you have really understand how such targeting Systems are working.? A Good Idea for all Gotcha and Airsoft Players..maybe. But for the rest..."Kids don t try this at home." You will be not a men with melted Plastic in the eyes. Try plastic with a women, it makes more fun. :-D
"Every Sniper know that every Projectile will be influenced by the gravity, so why do you think that the laser pointer is a exact method to target a subject? Is a Bullet a lightray for you?" You zero the laser sights just like you would iron sights or a scope.
this is for poor sighted close range shooters not expert snipers
ITS A .22!!
For $69.99 you can buy a laser sighting kit complete with adapter for any caliber from Sportman's guide website. Carl
ehmbee6 years ago
I was hoping to find some means to use a laser as a boresighter when I looked at this-even the cheapie ones are overpriced IMHO. I would think you'd need a Ransome Rest to accurately set this up-and if you are going to do that, you may as well get a laser made for a handgun-ditto at $99 for a non-specific laser pointer. Just my $.02
brentgmz (author)  ehmbee6 years ago
Well sorry for that I am suppose use this one in an airsoft but I tested it on a real gun. If you are really into it why not buy the real one from them laser sight
ehmbee brentgmz6 years ago
I wasn't trying to insult you. I've just been looking for a way around buying a laser boresighter with custom arbors for every gun I own. I'm sure for airsoft it works great. The cost of each arbor is around $40 so you are not paying just once, and the cheapies are, well, cheap (the ones that stick in the end of the barrel) considering they cost $40.
ehmbee ehmbee6 years ago
And I need one for boresighting-that is, to point a laser dot coming from through my barrel to the target, so I can calibrate my scope on it. I think I came up with an idea anyway-when I get it squared away I'll post it.
theRIAA7 years ago
why not this:


or any other of they're cheap ass green lasers?

ak49er theRIAA7 years ago
that does assume that your firearm has a mounting rail of some sort.
brentgmz (author)  theRIAA7 years ago
hehehe no thats not good enough laser, besides I already have the infiniti which I use for my starpointing
He is a kid trying to share his "bright" ideas. I wonder how can your fingers survive when you press the laser button and shoot???
brentgmz (author)  do_it_myself7 years ago
Kid? excuse me... Kids are not allowed to have a gun like that and a powerful laser. Please read my instructables you can make the laser on always on by putting some aluminum foil on the switch inside the laser case, or use a black electrical tape on the switch to press it on always on.
ak49er brentgmz7 years ago
in Alaska, a unemancipated minor 16 years of age can own a firearm without parental consent. and lasers as well.
The trick to lining up a laser sight or a scope accurately is to clamp the gun in something that wont move at all and fire it at something at least 10m away, centre the sight or laser dot in the bullethole, secure the sight and test again in the clamp with a different part of the surface, ie: move the whole thing round a little and shoot a new hole, check it's lined up a few times and then be happy at your super accurate gun...
belarson7 years ago
you should really clean your handgun
real safe have no hands when your done with your gun
reeding7 years ago
wouldn't the blast from the gun break the laser, because the laser is sticking out and is not half an inch away
brentgmz (author)  reeding7 years ago
Nope the recoil of .22 is not strong enough and the laser is perpendicular to the barrel :-D .This instructable should be put on a airfsoft but to make it funnier I put it in a real gun and test it. Also I found similar instructables already taping it on airsoft so I tried to put it on a real one :-D
awoodcarver7 years ago
This may work for a .22 but I can't see it with that much laser sticking out in front of the muzzle of a .44 or a .357...even light hand loads ..as to lasers in general they look cool and are good for entry teams but I have seen people think they can't miss and start rapid firing and end up with me throwing them off the range For about $75.00 you can buy a laser with a mount that will fit most guns , even semiautos , or for about the same amount (or less)you can get a even better add on a red dot sight (I have several of them) if you are using the gun for rabbits or target practice use open sights or the red dot and practice practice practice
brentgmz (author)  awoodcarver7 years ago
Yes, I agree with you .22 is ok and long barreled riffles, I can also mount my laser to any commercial gun mount available today. Hopefully Its just for the fun of it in this instructables that I made this one. It also fit on auto and semi autos... but AEG (airsoft) and hell lot of fun spraying my wargame mates with this awesome laser from techlasers. Do you play airsoft @thewoodcarver?
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