DIY : Eggstractor





Introduction: DIY : Eggstractor

Very useful way to peel an boiled egg. With this homemade gadget you can peeling over 50 eggs per minutes . Very Very Fast and Easy. Great for introducing kid to the science.


Step 1: The Box

take a solid box.wood or plastic or metal.its your choice.

Step 2: Box Hole

make a hole little bit bigger than the egg.and add rubber (balloon) for more grip.

Step 3: Air Compressor

take a plastic tube with a diameter a bit bigger than the egg.Make 2 hole.a bigger hole for the egg and smaller hole for the air compressor stick.

Step 4: Buils an Air Pump.

For compressing air .build this pump.Make sure it is very tight

Step 5: Push Button

make your favorite push button

Step 6: Hole in Box and Diameter of Compressor.

plastic tube should be bigger than the hole in the box

Step 7: Now You Are Ready

make 2 hole on both end of the egg and place your egg in the box hole.and push hard .
voila . a perfect peeling boiled egg machine.



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    just mount a small nail on the side of the box for easy pricking on both sides of the shell before putting it into the rubber, hey presto! no searching for a nail every time.

    also if you make a small 'ramp' within the box the egg can roll out onto a pre placed dish or something and stop you having to open the top each time to grab your egg.

    I still do not understand how it works. Why is the rubber needed on the box? What happens to the shell? Where does it go? Why do you have to poke holes in the egg? I could peel fifty eggs in the time it would take to build this.

    The Rubber is there to seal, so no air gets out, and to hold the egg in place. Nothing happens to the shell, watch the video again, its still there. The hole on the top is for the air to go in, the one in the bottom to ruin the structural integrity of the eggeshell, and give the pressure a place to go. Nice that you can peel those 50eggs... Maybee this device will hit the market sometime, so you don't have to build it. Over time, this device will be more efficient then you peeling them by hand. Just imagine, you spend 30 Minutes building this. And don't ever have to peel an egg again...

    Thanks. So you just clear the shell from the rubber and place another egg and you are ready to go again?

    Thats exactly it. Clear the shell, and your good to go for another egg. So in the End, its a bit faster then by hand, but at least easier. I often tend to get the eggshell between finger and nail when i peel them....

     i remember when we studied about the time when japanese invaded the philippines.....
                                    ...... they torture us Filipinos by putting pins in between the nails

    So i guess eggs are invading your kitchen....


    you mean peel an egg by hand?

    What about the shells? Are they still usable after extracting the egg?