DIY 0$ Bike Fender





Introduction: DIY 0$ Bike Fender

Hello!! It's my 1st instructable.
Every part and tool for this instructable I've found at home. That's why it cost 0$. 

Step 1: Materials & Tools


Step 2: Cutting the Parts

After you cut the parts make the borders flat and equal.

Step 3: Repair the Broken Fastening

Close the cap strong as possible as you can and mark places for holes.
Make two holes in the cap and tighten to broken fastening.
Then attach with glue or something else to make it reliable. Maybe Sugru is the best way.

Step 4:

My main part of fender is to short so I decided to make it longer.
You may use a Crop-a-dile or anything else to connect the parts .
Connecting the parts avoid curvature relative to each other.

Step 5: Enjoy

Fender width is 10 cm. It's wide and I like it!!!
Next time I'll show you my 0$ bike bottle holder. Hope It wil be soon.

Please leave comments and suggestions.
Please watch the video to see the fender at different angles.

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Where is the photos for

Step 2: Cutting the Parts

Brillant ! Clever, and looks quite cool with that.

Your bike has suspension - it might have been better to mount the mudguard/fender to the rear triangle, not the seat post.

If you can make it longer both forward and backward that will help a lot. I have an "ass saver" which is at seat height, and it does NOTHING to protect my legs.

Ingenious idea. Commercial vendors are so proud of their products and they love shipping and handling charges.

Thanks so much for this instructable.

Ingenious idea. Commercial vendors are so proud of their products and they love shipping and handling charges.

Thanks so much for this instructable.

Great idea and re"cycling" :-)

This is great job, any idea for front fender?

You could you a heat gun to bend a curve in the plastic. I really like this idea! I'm going to make one for my bike. Thanks for the idea!

Very Cool. I want to make one too, but with the hole facing the rear of the bike for a tail light. It seems some LEDs and a 9 volt battery would fit in there real nice and covered with a red plastic lens. Thank You

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It occurred to me that a light could be attached to the top of the fender. It might bounce around a bit, but it would be a cushioned bounce, and it might add to the attention-getting capability of the light.

Looks pretty nice, almost like factory-made, except the extension part not blending in with the rest.
Most of the materials are readily available, but a spare seatpost clamp (part of your old fender) might be not so easy to find. I guess one could use a U-bolt or a band clamp instead, those wouldn't look so nice though.

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Lots of cyclists have brackets that were once mated to lights that have been lost or broken. Ask around.

It's a good way to recycling use of waste resourses

Hi - well I have seen some home made bike fenders - some trashy and some ok - this build is beautiful, good as shop bought.
Great job, really excellent.


looks extremely professional

Dirt Cheap, lightweight, and because you connected it through the cap: Replaceable!

Definitely more straightforward than cutting a piece of PVC pipe in half lengthwise, although possibly not as rugged. What brand for this specific jug?

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It's an antifreeze jug.