Hello!! It's my 1st instructable.
Every part and tool for this instructable I've found at home. That's why it cost 0$. 

Step 1: Materials & Tools


<p>Thank you so much for this instructable.. I followed through and I improvised a little. Instead of using the clip and go through the gluing stage, I used a used tape &quot;plastic part&quot; which fits good on. Making it easy on easy off. <br><br>I extended it too using some Allen key bolts and screwed it with butterfly screws down below which in turn makes it easy to add or remove the extension. <br><br>Sprayed it and added one sticker that I got with my GoPro. I think I will add some more!<br><br>Thanks again.. You made my life easy! Trek stuff ain't cheap!!! :)</p>
<p>Great idea and re&quot;cycling&quot; :-)</p>
<p>This is great job, any idea for front fender?</p>
<p>africa edition</p>
<p>You could you a heat gun to bend a curve in the plastic. I really like this idea! I'm going to make one for my bike. Thanks for the idea!</p>
Very Cool. I want to make one too, but with the hole facing the rear of the bike for a tail light. It seems some LEDs and a 9 volt battery would fit in there real nice and covered with a red plastic lens. Thank You
It occurred to me that a light could be attached to the top of the fender. It might bounce around a bit, but it would be a cushioned bounce, and it might add to the attention-getting capability of the light.
Looks pretty nice, almost like factory-made, except the extension part not blending in with the rest. <br>Most of the materials are readily available, but a spare seatpost clamp (part of your old fender) might be not so easy to find. I guess one could use a U-bolt or a band clamp instead, those wouldn't look so nice though.
Lots of cyclists have brackets that were once mated to lights that have been lost or broken. Ask around.
It's a good way to recycling use of waste resourses
Hi - well I have seen some home made bike fenders - some trashy and some ok - this build is beautiful, good as shop bought. <br>Great job, really excellent. <br> <br>DZ
looks extremely professional
Excellent! <br>Dirt Cheap, lightweight, and because you connected it through the cap: Replaceable!
Definitely more straightforward than cutting a piece of PVC pipe in half lengthwise, although possibly not as rugged. What brand for this specific jug?
It's an antifreeze jug.
Love this idea. Great job!
Great idea. Thanks for sharing!!!
very nice looking. Looks rugged, Now I gotta go find me a black bottle!!!! Some people ask for more details but I think your instructable is fine the way it is. It is like a general blueprint that encouraged us to use our imagination. Besides, I don't think it needs to be specific because not everyone will have the same materials. I think those that are asking for specifics just don't have much of an imagination or ingenuity.
nicely done.
Great Ible project to start the week. <br>No pressure but a front fender would complete the set. <br>Love the idea.
This I'ble's just in time since I need a new one, oh man this is awesome!!!
Now that is creative. Inexpensive too. Nice job, you gave a great mind.
Awesome, but a few things are unclear. Like this one: http://www.instructables.com/file/F4T37VMHLID3BVH <br>What is it?
it's a broken fender clamp. I mean the clamp and the fender was one detail. But fender was lost.
Ahahaha, so that's why it looked somehow familiar to me. Well, thanks!
Excellent idea. Thank you.
Idea's like yours are the reason of this website. <br>Just perfect.
Good ible and well done thinking outside the square..
Dude. That is so awesome. Who thinks up cutting up an antifreeze bottle and making a bike fender out of it? You have renewed my faith in humanity.
:)) You know, the antifreeze bottle with out cut parts still usefull. And I'm going to show how I use it in one more instructable soon. I saved the world from one plastic bottle!!!!!
I will always remember riding my 10-speed (with no rear fender) down an oiled dirt road to meet up with my parents when I was a kid. <br>My Mom's first words when I got there were &quot;What did you do to your new shirt?&quot; <br>I've never had a bike without fenders since. <br>Good job. <br>
I will always remember riding my 10-speed (with no rear fender) down an oiled dirt road to meet up with my parents when I was a kid. <br>My Mom's first words when I got there were &quot;What did you do to your new shirt?&quot; <br>I've never had a bike without fenders since. <br>Good job. <br>
Haha This is correcto! Gear heads would drop a c-note for a name brand fender. Nice work. I was thinking of using a thin walled pvc &quot;strip&quot; heat curved fenders for my e-bike I am testing now. Maybe some core-vent fairings too?
Also I just made a coffee cup holder for my handlebars. 4&quot; or so stainless steel hose clamp and a 2&quot; one to hold the 4&quot; to the handlebars. Works great and is adjustable.
Very cool, nice looking fender. I'm already thinking on making one like this.
Very clever... <br>
Dude, this is the first 'ible I've ever felt moved to comment about! Truly functional and cheap for something that always get thrashed and needs replacement at $. Super cool; Not cheesy and thinking way outside the bottle i.e. box!
@StasinG I like your instructable! The colour of the plastic looks like the real thing. Very good work, keep it up!
Spot on, that is! Well done, and thanks!
Great! I love it and am going to copy it. We have a rubbish store-bought one that flaps about. Yours is what I like - upcycled 'waste' and it looks very cool. Well done - good thinking and good 'ible. <br>
Very clever, it seems fashioned and factory made.
excellent. So simple. <br>great example of up-cycling
Pretty slick! Good job! :)
That's awesome, thanks for the 'ible, no need for me to ride around College Campus and get wet! P.S. for those without the pipe clamp, you can find those online or go with 10 cent stainless steel hose clamp!
Excellent ideas , keep up the good work, I look forward for more ideas, thanks JMG
very good tutorial and the fender looks great. <br>thank you por posting this.
Wow! Great eye. Way to look around and find/use what you've got. What a mind to put it all together.... Incredible! Love the price too. Great work.

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