Introduction: DIY 1 Minute Wine Bottle Aquarium for Plastic Fishes!

Picture of DIY 1 Minute Wine Bottle Aquarium for Plastic Fishes!

This is a 1 Minute Glass Bottle Aquarium for Plastic Fishes Only!
Or can also be called Poor man's Aquarium.
It can be Both Terrarium or Aquarium!

It is always necessary to provide at least 2l tank for betta and here we have 2.5l tank which is enough for betta.

Step 1: Select the Size of Bottle

Picture of Select the Size of Bottle

Actually Big Wine Bottles Work for Betta Fishes only .(I think from my knowledge)These are only Fishes who can survive in this small spaces. So Donot Put any other Fish who doesn't have the capacity to live in small space.

2.5l capacity bottles work well!

Step 2: Break the Mouth of Bottle

Picture of Break the Mouth of Bottle

Bylittle hammering at mouth , it would finally Break. I hammered hard so I got a deep cut.

Always remember to wear safety Glasses and Gloves when breaking Glass!

Step 3: Made It!

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Add Gravel and Artifial/Living Plants .. And your Aquarium is made add the fish or make it a terrarium !!

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MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-04

Nice upcycle! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, you always give nice Comments on instructables :)

tasauri. (author)2014-11-11

seems cute.. if it s for nice pastic fish made...but pls not for real fish.. even Betta need her space

samalert (author)2014-10-05

Are those Royal Stag. Dude live fish in those whiskey bottles damn ! They wont survive even for a month.

Ayush Sharma (author)samalert2014-10-05

yeah they are Royal Stag Brother but I it is not a small Bottle. You can see I have selected the Bigger bottle Only which is 2l and most important it is for Betta 's only which can survive in this .

cfiorante (author)Ayush Sharma2014-10-08

2l is way to small for a betta you need at least 2 gallons for it to be happy and healthy

Ayush Sharma (author)cfiorante2014-10-09

Umm. From more research Betta can only live In 5 gallon. So removed the fish returned to the store. And had put plastic fish which was lying around in our home. :p

Mahir Asrani (author)2014-10-04

nice idea
but please don't put live fish
u can't keep fish in that small bottle
no never
put plastic fish no maintenance and good for decoration

that bottle is not that small as you think , it has a capability to put live Betta and it can move freely. But plastic fish idea is cool too

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