DIY 100% Natural Make Up




Introduction: DIY 100% Natural Make Up

In summer most of us don't want to use heavy make ups, it's the best time to check what mother earth can give us. Natural cosmetic clays can be great replacement for blushes, eyeshadows, shadows for eyebrows and lipstics.

It's 100 % ecologic and natural make up.

Step 1: Cosmetic Clays

There is many colors of cosmetic clays.

Step 2: How to Store Them?

In little containers you can take them everywhere.

Step 3: How to Put Cosmetic Clays on Eyelids?

Use for it comercial brushes, sponges or just fingers.

In my opinion the last method is the best for it.

Step 4: How to Put Clays on Eyebrows?

It's nice to use mascara brush for it. It will do the trick the best.

Step 5: How Cosmetic Clays Present on Eyes and Lips?

Make up is intensive but still very natural.

Accentuates the natural color of the eyes.



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