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<p>hi sir,</p><p>i am winding a coil with 2 parallel wire of 14 guage. when i am winding the coils they are tight,after removing coil they are getting lose can you suggest any ideas.</p>
<p>Tape them with electrical tape.</p>
<p>thankq </p><p> ok i want to use 14 guage, 2 parallel wires ,35 turns.how much diameter present inside the coil. </p>
you want the magnet to pass one side, then the other, not the ends, so the whole needs to be longer than the magnet.
<p>hi sir,</p><p>can u say coil inside and out side diameter,and i am using 12v winding which guage is best for less wastage of volts. </p><p> thanking u.</p>
coil diameter will depend on wire gauge, and your ability to wind tight coils.
wire gauge has no bearing on volts. The thicker the wire, the more amps you can draw without overheating.
<p>hir sir ,</p><p> how to calculate number of turns required,i want 2kw turbine how many turns i should turn(12v )and 2&quot;*1&quot;*1/2&quot; magnets enough ....?</p>
<p>thanks for u r replay sir'</p><p> 2&quot;*1&quot;*1/2&quot; magnets is enough for producing 2000w turbine</p>
if they are strong enough. N50 should do it.
the number of turns specifies the voltage, the gauge of the wire specifies the amps, and the length of the blades determines whether you can capture enough wind to turn it at that load. You might need 35 turns of 4 parallel strands of 12 gauge wire. You would need around 22mph winds with 8' blades.
<p>hi sir,</p><p> can u suggest diff b/w 24v and 48v. if i wind my turbine for 48v which guage wire should i use and how many turns i should turn , at which rpm i can get 1000w.</p>
to double the voltage, you double the number of turns, and you can use a size 2-3 smaller wire (14 instead of 12awg). You still have to spin at 650 rpm.
<p>can i make it in 1phase by using 12 coils and ,24 magnets,how much amps can i produce in 500 rpm,and how many turns of wire i should turn for 48v and wire guage also explain.</p>
<p>It's not a single phase machine. You are on your own with major design changes.</p>
<p>please advise</p><p>how many RPMs it should turn to produce 1000 W .and at 1000 w how many amp will be produced</p>
650 rpm (30 mph wind), and the ampsdepend on the voltage you wind for 1000w / 24v = 41 amps
<p>I want to make 48v ,1000w, which guage wire i want to use and how many rpm it should turn </p>
<p>PLEASE ADVISE</p><p>I've read almost all the replys (there are so many) but I noticed that no one has considered using alternative materials to mount the magnets onto, are you aware of any issues regarding having them mounted onto steel plates and the potential losses that this may create, also what if they were mounted in slots so that the faces in say a stacked 3 (magnetic) plate system, (the middle plate being mounted in slots and having 2 sets of coil resin discs in between them thus making it a total of 5 layers) so that both sides of the center plate provide the magnetic field thus providing potentially a more efficient system? </p>
<p>I was wondering this too</p>
<p>The magnets need to be mounted on a steel plate to complete the lines of flux.</p>
<p>Thank you <a href="http://www.instructables.com/member/sspence" rel="nofollow">sspence</a> for reminding us, I've taken on board exactly what you have stated, but just on an academic level surely the magnetic lines of flux travel through air space anyway and arrange themselves accordingly , I remember as a child that putting a metal bar across the end of a horseshoe magnet which if memory serves effectively shorts the magnetic field. as I say this is just an academic aspect and hopefully a discussion</p>
The steel plate does not incur losses, it's what completes the magnetic flux, and make this work. having a spinning magnet plate in between two coil plates would require a lot more machining, but it's possible. We went for what's possible in a back yard DIY approach.
<p>I will be talking to a man I know that manufactures magnets, about the potential losses or gains in using different mounting materials and possible benefits of slot mounting etc, they don't let him out much, he's on holiday taking in the sites of several magnet conventions, He's all about magnets, they are his passion ! </p><p>I may have also sourced an affordable priced supplier for these Type N50 at 50mm x 25mm x 10mm, I've not placed any orders as yet. Watch this space.</p>
<p>The magnets need to be mounted on a steel plate to complete the lines of flux.</p>
<p>Thank you for such a prompt response, I am looking to create such a setup as we have discussed, I intend to simply stack these with the magnets mounted in slots, while I'm at it I will be using other metals and will report on / see what occurs, I may use other prime movers as opposed to simply wind power as you have mentioned in a previous posting, this is of course when I can obtain an affordable source of the Neodymium magnets specified, I'm looking at metric 50mm x 25mm x 10mm, these being respectively smaller by the following sizes of 2mm x 0.4mm x 2.5mm-ish smaller than your 2 &quot;x 1&quot;x 1/2&quot;. I do not expect this will create any issues.,I do like this scalable setup and again thank you for bringing it to our attention.</p>
<p>qual o tamanho dos discos( di&acirc;metro interno e externo)?? e qual di&acirc;metro interno das bobinas? grato!</p>
disk is 12&quot;, magnets are 2&quot; x 1&quot; x 1/2&quot;, and coils are just a bit bigger than the magnets, so that the complete magnet passes through the sides of the coil, not the ends.
<p>Are the magnet poles orientated in the opposite direction, relative to the center, on the opposing magnetic rotors? So it goes north to south through the stator coils? Awesome project, i'm making a much smaller one as a trial. I was also wondering, do you know if energy companies would let you use home made turbine on the grid? I want to make one for my house but it's on the grid, and the weather is variable at best in the UK.</p>
<p>I would also like to know which direction the magnets are oriented!!!</p>
As mentioned in the article, the poles are on the faces, and they alternate, N up, N down, N up, etc. and the facing rotor has the reverse.
they do alternate (oppose). Here in the US, grid tie is available, with conditions, but I'm not personally a &quot;fan&quot;.
<p>Very nice project, i know people are saying it expensive but for me its worth 1 years electricity after that you can save with this. </p>
<p>looks awesome but so expensive!</p>
Not nearly as expensive as a commercial unit.
<p>blimey the magnets in the uk are &pound;14 each x 24 =&pound;336 !</p>
<p>I have thousands of N52 magnets I'd like to find something constructive to do with.</p><p>They are 1/2&quot; x 1&quot; cylinders. They were about $7US dollars each when they were bought a few years ago. Prices have come down a bit since then, and these are used. Well, that depends on your definition of used. They've been sitting around inside at room temp. waiting to be used. I'm open to ideas for using them. I'll sell them outright, the more the merrier i.e. cheaper by the THOUSANDS! Or, show me you have a potentially viable plan, offer a piece of the action, and I might well stake you to it. </p>
<p>Is that 1/2 inch thick, and 1 inch dia, or 1 inch thick , and 1/2 inch dia? If they are 1/2 inch thick and 1 inch dia would like to know how much you could pass them off for, I could use some in a DIY project, and prototype, thanks in anticiaption</p>
<p>Oh, and the prices on the info I posted were the prices of new ones where they were bought, not what I'm selling them for.</p>
These were originally purchased from kjmagnetics.com/<br>This is the size details from this page that I pasted below. <br>For some reason, they don't appear to list N-52's in this size at the moment, but that was what was gotten a few years back, and it's easy enough to tell how much they will pull.<br>I can probably find some receipts and the boxes they were shipped in.<br><br>For that matter, send me a self addressed stamped package, and I'll give you a couple of samples. Put enough postage for a pair so you can get a idea of the attraction and repulsion of these things, incredibly strong.<br><br>RaviM40, being he who responded, I'd be glad to send you 4 magnets for free if you put enough postage on the package you send. <br><br>You guys seem to talk funny though.<br>Ya'll's not from 'round these parts I recun? <br><br>Almost sounds like you from the other side of that pond.<br>Any customs is on you. If I'm giving the samples away, I need a package that I can put them in, seal, and drop in the mail. <br>Send the empty self addressed stamped package/envelope/container to <br>Jay and Clare<br>PO box 5222<br>Vallejo, Calif. 94591 <br><br>let me know if and when you send for a sample, please.<br><br>I will pull your empty envelope (if that will work with canceling machines and such) or package out of that PO box, drop a couple, 4, or even 6 for RaviM40 to make it worth your trouble if you are that far away and customs and such whatever, seal it and drop it in the outgoing. <br>Try them and use them in good health! Don't smash your fingers between them!<br>If you can tell what they are &amp; want me to throw some more in the package, make me an offer. Or, after you test drive them, make me an offer. You will not find a better price.<br>In fact, I'll beat the best price you can find, or just make me an offer.<br><br>The weight &amp; any other info you need to calculate shipping should all be pasted below.<br><br>This offer goes for up to the first 10-20 people who might be interested. Send something I can drop a couple of them in, seal and drop it in the mail, and I will. <br>Let me know here if and when you do, please. i.e. make sure the offer is still ongoing, before you send me an empty stamped package. <br><br>This is the specs from the place they were purchased for the size, direction of magnetization, etc, but they were N-52's, not 48's as this listing is for.<br>I guess they are out of stock or something. <br><br>I've never tested them based on the pull strength, but it seems pretty straight forward, and should be able to tell their grade straight away.<br><br>https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D8X0&amp;cat=199<br><br>Products &raquo; Disc/Cylinder Magnets<br>D8X0<br><br><br><br>D8X0<br><br> Dimensions: 1/2&quot; dia. x 1&quot; thick<br> Tolerances: &plusmn;0.004&quot; x &plusmn;0.004&quot;<br> Material: NdFeB, Grade N42<br> Plating/Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni (Nickel)<br> Magnetization Direction: Axial (Poles on Flat Ends)<br> Weight: 0.851 oz. (24.1 g)<br> Pull Force, Case 1: 16.60 lbs<br> Pull Force, Case 2: 16.60 lbs<br> Surface Field: 6403 Gauss<br> Max Operating Temp: 176&ordm;F (80&ordm;C)<br> Brmax: 13,200 Gauss<br> BHmax: 42 MGOe<br><br>Strong and useful cylinder (aka rod) magnets. The D8X0 magnets are very strong, but are a great size that is easy to handle.<br><br>This size is also available diametrically magnetized as part number D8X0DIA.<br><br> Price: $5.83<br> <br>Quantity:<br> Add to cart<br> <br>Price ea. Qty<br>$5.83 1<br>$5.70 2-4<br>$5.57 5-9<br>$5.44 10-24<br>$5.31 25-49<br>$5.18 50-99<br>$5.05 100-249<br>$4.92 250-499<br>$4.79 500-999<br>$4.66 1000-2500<br>For pricing at higher order quantities,<br>please email us!<br>Recently Viewed
<p>found some on e-bay for &pound;3.49 each</p>
<p> if you took apart a hard drive you find various sizes in something somebody else throws away</p>
But not big enough for a machine this size.
Yes they are pricey. This unit costs over $1000 to build.
<p>What kind of cost can I expect for this project? My mother has been interested in getting some off-grid power setup at her house and I would love to go DIY with the project as money is a concern. </p>
<p>Hi, <a href="http://www.instructables.com/member/CyborgGold" rel="nofollow">CyborgGold</a></p><p>If money is a concern, have I got a deal for you! </p><p>If you can design your project to use these, I'll make you a better deal on however many you need than the best deal you can find anywhere else. Whatever happens, good luck on your project. And if you find someone else that wants some of these, I'll be glad to offer a sales commission.<br></p><p>I have thousands of N52 magnets I'd like to find something constructive to do with.</p><p>They<br> are 1/2&quot; x 1&quot; cylinders. They were about $7US dollars each when they <br>were bought a few years ago. Prices have come down a bit since then, and<br> these are used. Well, that depends on your definition of used. They've <br>been sitting around inside at room temp. waiting to be used. I'm open to<br> ideas for using them. I'll sell them outright, the more the merrier <br>i.e. cheaper by the THOUSANDS! Or, show me you have a potentially viable<br> plan, offer a piece of the action, and I might well stake you to it. </p>

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