Before I started this project, tried a few lights for my product photography what I found at home: desktop lights, 150W halogen reflectors, etc. But none of them are perfect for my needs. :( So I started to search DIY variants to build two lights for myself. I found these, and get the inspiration:

The MacGyver LightBox/Softbox
Cheap Softbox Movie Light
Lamps Set for Objects Photography
Large Photography soft box on the cheap

So, the first thing: I will made something like these, and the second: this will be my first Instructable shared project and I will picture everything what I do!

On the picture is one of my finished lamp, with 4 CFL bulbs (60W=300W), mounted on a big 38" dish....

I need to add 2 more things to these lights:
- nice mount to use with stands
- umbrella holder to use umrella as a diffuser
(so I will update this instructabe soon!)

(Sorry for my english, I'm still not prefrect when I need to write down something, it's easier to speak...)

Step 1: What We Need?

Everything to this project I bought in local chinese shop, that is the cheapest here:

- 38" dish (or bowl?) for kitchen - 2 € ~ 2,6 $
- 22 cm (8,66") griddle (pan, stewpan) for kitchen 2,5 € ~ 3,3 $
- 4 pc. socket for light bulbs - 4x0,5€ = 2 € ~ 2,6 $
- handle (grip) + 4 bolts - 0,5 € ~ 0,6 $
- standard power plug from old PSU - free fo me
- 4 pc. small power switch + cables from old PSU - free for me
- 4 pc. daylight CFL light bulbs (60W=300W) - 4x5€ = 20€ ~ 26,6 $

So let's start!

<p>Excellent you made my day</p>
Not bad at all.
<p>Thank you!</p>
This is great idea. how much do you have in this though?
nice work .

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