DIY 1200W CFL daylight for product photography or video light

Picture of DIY 1200W CFL daylight for product photography or video light
Before I started this project, tried a few lights for my product photography what I found at home: desktop lights, 150W halogen reflectors, etc. But none of them are perfect for my needs. :( So I started to search DIY variants to build two lights for myself. I found these, and get the inspiration:

The MacGyver LightBox/Softbox
Cheap Softbox Movie Light
Lamps Set for Objects Photography
Large Photography soft box on the cheap

So, the first thing: I will made something like these, and the second: this will be my first Instructable shared project and I will picture everything what I do!

On the picture is one of my finished lamp, with 4 CFL bulbs (60W=300W), mounted on a big 38" dish....

I need to add 2 more things to these lights:
- nice mount to use with stands
- umbrella holder to use umrella as a diffuser
(so I will update this instructabe soon!)

(Sorry for my english, I'm still not prefrect when I need to write down something, it's easier to speak...)

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Step 1: What we need?

Picture of What we need?
Everything to this project I bought in local chinese shop, that is the cheapest here:

- 38" dish (or bowl?) for kitchen - 2 € ~ 2,6 $
- 22 cm (8,66") griddle (pan, stewpan) for kitchen 2,5 € ~ 3,3 $
- 4 pc. socket for light bulbs - 4x0,5€ = 2 € ~ 2,6 $
- handle (grip) + 4 bolts - 0,5 € ~ 0,6 $
- standard power plug from old PSU - free fo me
- 4 pc. small power switch + cables from old PSU - free for me
- 4 pc. daylight CFL light bulbs (60W=300W) - 4x5€ = 20€ ~ 26,6 $

So let's start!

Step 2: Fit the 4 sockets into dish

First thing to find the places to 4 socket, then take apart the sockets to find out how big hole I need.

Making some small holes to don't make mistakes when drilling. 

Using adjustable tool in my drilling machine and drill the holes.

If the hole is not nice enought, use rasp to adjust it...

Do the steps 4 times!

Excellent you made my day

Not bad at all.
kalmarattila (author)  Papadum Express4 months ago

Thank you!

smitty5001 year ago
This is great idea. how much do you have in this though?
MOHD-771 year ago
nice work .
kalmarattila (author)  MOHD-771 year ago