Step 14: Cushions

Picture of Cushions
// Also see alternative #6 //

To create the cushions, we will need the sheathing, , old t-shirt, foam topper, pillows/Poly-Fil, staple gun, fabric, and scissors.

- Cut the old t-shirt into small squares large enough to cover the breathing holes.
- Cut out the foam topper into six 25"x27" sections.
- You should use exactly all of the material. If there's a little less material than required, it's fine. Just make do and cut each section slightly smaller to accommodate. If there's extra material, accommodate the material by cutting the foam a little larger. We want to use as much of this stuff as possible, and waste none.
- Next, cut the pillows and remove the filling. This step can get a little messy, so I'd recommend you do this on a plastic or paper sheet, or at the very least, flooring that is not carpet.
- Sort the filling/Poly-Fil into 6 equal piles. If you're using a combination of different pillows/Poly-Fil, mix up the filling to get a consistent feel.
- Next, cut the fabric into 1 yard pieces.
- Take the old t-shirt squares and staple them over the breathing holes. This will help keep dust and bugs out, and keep the filling in.
- Lay the fabric upside down.
- Place the foam topper on top of the fabric with the flat side facing the fabric.
- Place the filling on top of it, layering it if necessary.
- Place the sheathing on top of the filling with the t-shirt squares facing down. Make sure to match the dimensions of the sheathing with the foam.
- Pull the fabric over on one side. Fold the edges of the fabric to reinforce it and prevent tearing,
- Staple the fabric into place on the sheathing. 3 staples per side is the minimum.
- Pull the opposite side over, fold it, pull it taut, and staple it into place.
- Pull over the third side and staple it into place.
- Make any final adjustments to the filling to even it out within the cushion.
- Pull over and staple the fourth side of the fabric.
- Repeat for the other 5 cushions.