Step 25: Alternative #6 - Cushions

There are plenty of options for the cushions. In my futon I used a (non-memory) foam mattress topper along with the filling of some old pillows, as well as some Poly-fil. The end result was a 4 inch mattress, which is plenty comfortable.

My initial design used 2 foam toppers and 4 pillows, but I found that a layer of foam that thick didn't breathe very well, so I opted for pillows/Poly-Fil instead.

You could use any combination of pillow, filling, and foam topper.

If you have the money to spare, a memory foam mattress topper ($60) would be great. In that scenario, I imagine it would be best to place the memory foam onto the fabric first, followed by some non-memory foam, then the plywood. But it'd be best to experiment and see what feels best to you.

There's also actual upholstery foam, which, if you can get access to, would be great. This stuff varies in price depending on the quality and sizes, but will generally be more expensive than pillow and foam toppers. This is the stuff used to upholster sofas, boats, etc...

You could recycle some old sofa cushions as well, but just be sure they're clean.

Lastly, there's poly beads. This stuff is essentially the filling inside bean bag chairs. Although comfortable, the material is a huge insulator since it's mostly air. I've heard of people using this stuff for in-wall insulation. So keep in mind that it will likely trap your body heat very well, and could be uncomfortable in warmer climates. I also imagine noise would be a problem if you were to move around a lot when you sleep.

I welcome you to use any combination of the materials above, or anything else you can come up with. Use whatever you can afford, or whatever is most comfortable for you.

If you have the sewing skills, you can "shape" the fabric by sewing corners into it. It's not necessary, but does help with aesthetics a bit. Instead of 'domes' of cushion, you'll have rectangles.

Also, if you're feeling extra adventurous with the sewing machine, you can make the cover completely removable. Add a zipper to the fabric and you have a removable cover. Just be sure to buy extra fabric since the cover must wrap around the bottom as well.
<p>Question: On step 5 the lap joint cuts - shouldn't the 37's total 70&quot; and the 39's total 72&quot; when put together? (74-2-2=70 and 78-3-3=72)</p><p>Guessing maybe just a typo. Otherwise - awesome instructions so far I have saw dust everywhere in middle of living room but loving every second. ( I have a tarp down but seems to be a thin layer on everything lol) </p><p>Great Job Disco Stu!</p>
<p>This was one of the best written and informative Instructables I have ever read! I'm getting ready to build a futon for my daughter and was looking for some ideas on the mechanism. This isn't just a guide on building a futon, but a great introduction to different types of woodworking joints and project planning. I especially like that you did this all with hand tools. Thank you!</p>
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hi did u use screws to secure the hinges or the bolts
Screws. The hinges and its screws are countersunk, and using bolts would mean that the bolt head would make the cushion mounting surface uneven.
Nicely done, well made and written. For more ideas about breakdown furniture look around for a book titled &quot;Nomad Furniture&quot;.
Is that Hennessey and Papanek? It just so happens that I ordered a copy last Friday off Amazon, but the seller won't ship til after Thanksgiving. Thanks for the suggestion, I was worried about the relevance of a 38 year old book, so it was a complete blind-buy. Now I feel better.
Could be. I've a copy here, somewhere(really should organize my books ). Did find The Nomadic Handbook by Hennessey. Some interesting ideas there ie: couch crate, bedroom in a crate.<br> As for relevance. In my opinion, it all has some relevance if not direct connection to what we do or make today. I look at Ctesiphon's force pump and see the beginnings of every reciprocating engine. Hero of Alexandria is my hero.
BRAVO! You need never be unemployed if you can both work with your hands and communicate as well as you do. In your chosen field, you may well rack up a few patents. But this instructable is master work that reaches far more people, I'll bet. You have style to boot. Keep busy with your tools and your pen and best of luck to you.
Thank you, Fantine (Les Mis?). I appreciate the kind words. It's encouragement like this that drives me to do these projects and try to help others in matters big and small. Thank you!
I just spent the time to read your entire instructable and I must say that your English teacher is an ***. This is by far the best instructabe I have read to date. I love your method of identifying each piece of wood, and each side of the piece. I would be able to build this as is or modified, and clearly understand why the steps, which helps if it needs to be changed to suit a small bedroom perhaps, or for whatever reason. Just a fantastic, well researched, well written piece of instruction. Your newby status allowed you to understand what every other newby needs to know. Fantastic job!
Thank you, AmatureArtist56! Feedback like this is exactly why I decided to begin documenting my projects in the first place, although the possibility of winning a laser cutter doesn't hurt either. If you do pull the trigger and build this or modify it, feel free to ask any questions, and post up your results for the world to see.<br> <br> BTW: My teachers are mostly alright. I'm just a chronic underachiever, as I'm sure a lot of Instructables members are/were.
Wow great detailed instructable, and just in time for me to desperatly need a single bed frame. this give me the foundation and confidance to create my own. well done!
Thanks Wocket! I'm glad I was able to help you. If you are in need of a single bed frame, I'd point you towards the $15 bed frame by Stormthirst. Hopefully, you can get some more good ideas from that I'ble as well.<br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/15-bed-frame/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/15-bed-frame/</a>
Great piece of furniture! I love the wood!
I had a great time building it, and was pleasantly surprised with how the wood came out looking. Thank you, Penolopy!

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