Step 8: Updated Communication Center

Well it's been almost a year since I built my patch panel and my communication center has evolved quite a bit.  I now have two internet connections, a DSL connection and a high speed microwave connection.  I've also added HDTV from Direct TV, a land line phone and I still have a couple more wires to add.  I still need to bring in a HDMI cable from the kitchen and living room, a couple more network cables and a phone line.  All in all I think it's coming together pretty well.  I really need to work on cable management though!  The second picture has all the components labeled.
Update 08/15/11...Added a UPS to the system and worked on cable management as seen in the third picture.  We live in the country and for some odd reason the power will blink out sometimes.  Sometimes it is just a second or two, sometimes it may be as long as a minute, either way this keeps my network from resetting each time.
You have a patch panel. When it comes to patch panels there is not really a difference in 100mbs and 1gb speeds except the cable. You need at least cat 5e to achieve gig. Cat 6 would be better.
Ya I know that Dusty, thanks, that's why I said I need to build a switch! <br>BTW if you had read the whole structalbe, you would have known that I have cat 6 run though out the whole house.
This is one amazing home-brew network system and configuration, I've been in the IT field for going on 16 years and this is probably the best version of clean and discreet I've seen in year puts my rack to shame. Now I'm considering reworking mine. Very Slick.
WOW! Such high praise from an IT guy. I am honored! Thanks Roder!
Call'em as I see'em, I actually considered building an audio patch panel for my whole house audio instead of just having the wires run into the back of the server block. This gives me a couple of idea's for that and another rackmount project. Very cool idea.

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