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Introduction: DIY 18650 Battery Pack

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Building a 48V 42Ah 13s15p 18650 lithium-ion cells battery pack. Made from rejected 10s4p Bosch packs.- 13 serial, 15 paralleled 2850mAh 2C max LG 18650 Lithium-ion cells.- Spot welded 0.15mm x 7mm 99% pure nickel strips.- 30-60 Amps BMS.- 12 AWG Wires.- 230mm diameter Battery Shrink Wrap- 12V - 48V (2s - 14s) configurable battery meter.- 50A anderson connectors for charge and discharge*Update: Battery is finally tested. It was unexpected that I can't even notice it is really charging touching at it. It charges at the same room temperature at 0.15C (6A). Discharge rates between 10A - 20A doesn't also reach warmness (0.5C max). Charger (fan built-in) gets pretty hot during CC phase (~5 hours) then only warm at CV phase.*For EV performance info: Tested 100Km of mixed torture test ride (uphill downhill rush, hard accelerations and slow downs, full throttle half the rode, speed between 20-25 mph, all at night with real 15W lights) then battery Voltage remained at 48.1V that makes a whole 200KM of night hardest consumption range. (EV is not human powered built-in)




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    what bms did you use? are you happy with it? thanks, frank

    That is some piece of work, Damien. It looks very professional and you ought to be very proud. How much does that weigh? I'm just curious.

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    Thank you! 9 kg :)

    hi mate is there a chance you would make me one of your 48v battery and if so how much i dont think i have the time or patients

    Don't you need to balance the charge of each cells as with LiPo batteries ?

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    If you take a look at the first picture toward the top of the battery pack you will see the balance module or BMS for short, this is one of the more upmarket ones that give you full pack voltage or cell by cell voltage. Kind regards

    @curtis.newton.104203 I have to agree, This guy is very well known and also a pretty cool guy himself, but the lack of write up info is a disappointment, just a list of what was used and a comment saying that he does not notice any heat while charging does not an instructable make....... @EVMadrid come on, if you want to help people to make battery packs such as this then you have to do a proper write up, first give a warning of how dangerous these kinds of packs AND the cells themselves can be, teach the guys how to handle the cells and some basic skill sets that would be required, also how would you need to calculate amps needed and what voltages are possible with cell series and parallel combinations, there are allot of people visiting this site hoping to be able to get some much needed information, this after all is the purpose of this site. I know you have allot of knowledge when it comes to battery packs and ebike building, I hope you will come back and do it over with the proper write up.... I for one look forward to it.

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    This was great I'm going to build this for a brother who just got solar panel on his roof and I really think he may not get the solar at night Ha Ha He lives in Fountain hills AZ. I have solar , wind and back up batters I live in Newburgh, Indiana. I'll also need better backup. Thanks

    Brilliant idea

    worst """instructable""" EVER

    do you even understand the concept of this site ?

    Can you please give me a diagram of this?. I'm making a battery pack for my electric go kart and I'm seriously stuck on where to start.

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    Contact to us here: we will try to help you! :)

    So about 200 cells, each 50 grams comes out to about 10kg. That's pretty awesome for a 200km range - 20km per 1kg of battery.

    Absolutely outstanding job. Well done

    Heyy EVMadrid

    will it be seutable for

    2015 latest 48v 750w 8fun/bafang motor
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    More than enough. For a 750W motor pulling it at 750W continuously at 48V, With just a 48V 15Ah li-ion battery, you would be discharging at 1C continuous max, and that is a very efficienct ratio for li-ion (>95% of efficiency)