Introduction: DIY 18650 Battery Pack

Building a 48V 42Ah 13s15p 18650 lithium-ion cells battery pack. Made from rejected 10s4p Bosch packs.- 13 serial, 15 paralleled 2850mAh 2C max LG 18650 Lithium-ion cells.- Spot welded 0.15mm x 7mm 99% pure nickel strips.- 30-60 Amps BMS.- 12 AWG Wires.- 230mm diameter Battery Shrink Wrap- 12V - 48V (2s - 14s) configurable battery meter.- 50A anderson connectors for charge and discharge*Update: Battery is finally tested. It was unexpected that I can't even notice it is really charging touching at it. It charges at the same room temperature at 0.15C (6A). Discharge rates between 10A - 20A doesn't also reach warmness (0.5C max). Charger (fan built-in) gets pretty hot during CC phase (~5 hours) then only warm at CV phase.*For EV performance info: Tested 100Km of mixed torture test ride (uphill downhill rush, hard accelerations and slow downs, full throttle half the rode, speed between 20-25 mph, all at night with real 15W lights) then battery Voltage remained at 48.1V that makes a whole 200KM of night hardest consumption range. (EV is not human powered built-in)



roger wedding (author)2017-07-31

This was great I'm going to build this for a brother who just got solar panel on his roof and I really think he may not get the solar at night Ha Ha He lives in Fountain hills AZ. I have solar , wind and back up batters I live in Newburgh, Indiana. I'll also need better backup. Thanks

ajayt7 (author)2017-07-18

Brilliant idea

curtis.newton.104203 (author)2017-02-15

worst """instructable""" EVER

do you even understand the concept of this site ?

yishaisilver8 (author)2016-06-27

Hello, just out of curiosity, how much did this cost?

OctavisP (author)2016-04-23

Can you please give me a diagram of this?. I'm making a battery pack for my electric go kart and I'm seriously stuck on where to start.

EVMadrid (author)OctavisP2016-05-06

Contact to us here: we will try to help you! :)

18650 battery (author)2016-03-14

So about 200 cells, each 50 grams comes out to about 10kg. That's pretty awesome for a 200km range - 20km per 1kg of battery.

JeremyB52 (author)2016-01-01

Absolutely outstanding job. Well done

HAHAHO1 (author)2015-11-03

Heyy EVMadrid

will it be seutable for

2015 latest 48v 750w 8fun/bafang motor
EVMadrid (author)HAHAHO12015-11-04

More than enough. For a 750W motor pulling it at 750W continuously at 48V, With just a 48V 15Ah li-ion battery, you would be discharging at 1C continuous max, and that is a very efficienct ratio for li-ion (>95% of efficiency)

HAHAHO1 (author)2015-11-03


1. Voltage: 48V current Limit:25A

2. Power: 750W

WilliamKerala (author)2015-10-13

Hard work got you good fruitful result. Salute!

ringai (author)2015-08-25

That is some piece of work, Damien. It looks very professional and you ought to be very proud. How much does that weigh? I'm just curious.

EVMadrid (author)ringai2015-08-25

Thank you! 9 kg :)

seamster (author)2015-08-24

That's an impressive battery pack!

EVMadrid (author)seamster2015-08-24

thank you :)

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