This video shows how to turn a discarded 2 cycle weed eater into a simple steam engine.  In the video I am using an air compressor, but later I created a very primitive boiler from a pressure canner and a safety valve. 

While this is a very easy project, it took me a long time to figure out a relatively safe way to produce steam.  If your going to attempt a project like this, please be aware that a steam explosion will most likely kill or main you, so use a certified boiler.
<p>do you need to leave the muffler on, I have an old 2 stroke generator and I can see this driving it also how does the sump get lubricated </p>
The oil reservoir is an in line oiler for air tools right? Would a water seperator before the oil reservoir be a good idea for running on air? Or does it matter?
very cool project. I appreciate all the details. a couple thoughts to contribute. Most spark plugs are 14mm, so you could use a 14mm threading die to thread the end of your nipple. or rethread your plug hole with a pipe tap. another option is to break the porcelain from an old spark plug and braze it onto your pipe nipple. <br>for the flywheel, why not make a steel band around the existing flywheel and pour molten lead into it to fill the vanes.
great ideas
here is a picture of the modified spark-plug.
cool <br>
Thanks for the idea i am going to braze a pipe onto my spark plug for this project

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