I had seen a coffee table at a high end furniture store and loved it, but the price was way out of my range. So I drew up a set of plans to create the table on my own. Get the plans for the table here: http://adventuresincreating.blogspot.com/2010/10/future-coffee-table-progress.html

Step 1: Buying the Steel

Using the plans I had drawn up I went to my local steel supplier and had them cut the steel to the sizes I needed. I used 3/4" steel tubing.
<p>if possible, try to cut the steel at a 45 degree angle and weld together for a 90 degree... looks much better in my opinion. I had created a few speaker towers years ago with mdf, and neglected to do this... regretted it ever since.</p>
<p>What gauge is the steel tubing? Looks like 16ga or 11ga, but hard to tell.</p>
<p>I really like how clean this looks. I think I would want the smaller table to have the same type of leg configuration though as it would cut down on materials some have less drag when pulling it out from under the larger table maybe. (Can't bend down much here so that kind of thing is important these days.)<br><br>I was also thinking how great this would be in a stand up work table version for a kitchen or craft room or even as a sewing table if it was made taller. Nice work and good details on the instrux. </p>
Wow, that is crazy neat!! I understand you got your wood table top at your local home improvement store. What might these large pieces of wood be called because I've never seen them in that type of shape before in my Home Depot. They always seem to be in planks. Thanks for the great instructables!
Great project, thank you for making us understanding how much simple could be if you free your mind &amp; immagination! I suggest you to make a green version of the table! would be awesome! thanks!
Wow, gorgeous!

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